Sustainability: A Way of Life


Sustainability: A Way of Life

“Emacity is the brain child of five students from who came together to establish a college merchandising shop. However, one of Emacity’s founders pointed out that maybe going the sustainability route was the way forward. After this, there was no looking back. Emacity built its little empire in the midst of the pandemic, and prides itself on being a sustainable and ethical enterprise. Emacity wants people to value the cloth they wear are see the work that goes into it.

The company’s target audience is Gen Z and it aims to promote conscious consumerism among them. The brand faced difficulties in producing quality products at an affordable price; but overcame this by having a reliable supply chain, and so is team Emacity. The brand also had to fight the stigma of people assuming it is green-washing. But, the team was hell-bent on producing products that were sustainable from the get-go. Emacity’s first collection, ‘Naked’, was about being original in the most pure and unfiltered form. The team wanted this collection to leave a global footprint on the market.

Here at Emacity, sustainability is a core value and it will never be compromised on. The brand once lost a huge investment because it wasn’t willing to use normal fabric, and the team was fine with this, because Emacity should have investors who share the same vision as the brand.

In recent times, the pandemic has been an obstacle. Emacity’s suppliers got infected once and there was a delay in production by 15 days. This brand is a make-to-order one, it doesn’t waste anything. This makes the process relatively slow and the lockdown restrictions added to it; there were a lot of delays, especially in the production process and in shipping orders.

On a positive note, Emacity hopes to be listed in the BSE and NSE, and maybe even the NYSE in the coming years. It also plans to expand and diversify its product range and work with more Gen Z local designers. The brand is taking one day at a time and it is paying off.

It’s funny how team Emacity still doesn’t have a group picture because of the pandemic. The team only communicates through the small boxes on a screen, but having said that, it is always on the same page. Emacity aims at continuing to work hard to build its empire and will rest when fast fashion becomes obsolete and sustainable fashion is the norm.”