You all must have heard the saying, “Every expert was once a beginner.” Well, building an organization from scratch can be pretty strenuous and challenging especially, with no background in the department. From dreaming of being a part of a consumer design-oriented plan to building a brand of his own, Anupam Arya is here to inspire you with his brand Fabriclore.

It all started with a raw idea when his friend, Sandeep Sharma began experimenting with women’s clothing brands and in 2016. This is how Fabriclore came into existence. It’s been only 5 years since the company has started, and become quite popular owing to their priority of providing quality products to its customers. Not only this, but the business also aids rural artisans to reach a bigger clientele.

Find Anupam Arya talk about his adventurous journey, the authenticity of their traditional and modern fabrics, and how they managed to become successful business entrepreneurs, in this conversation with Storiyaan.




Questions and answers

Could you share what made you kick-start your career in fabrics?

I never had an agenda to start a business in fabrics or textiles as I was inexperienced, though somewhere inside, I always yearned to be a part of a consumer design-oriented project. So, it was a mere stroke of luck. My partners and I realized the demand for fabrics in the market was not being fulfilled. Hence, after plunging into the segment deeper, we were surprised to be acquainted with the variety of fabrics available! This is how we hatched the idea of starting a business in the same field.

How were the experiences of your initial days, when you dipped your feet into the world of fashion, fabrics, and design?

We prioritize providing a quality experience to our customers. Accordingly, we interacted with many customers to gain insight into their likes and dislikes, as well as gain feedback on various products. We improvised and incorporated the missing factors while building the brand. So, I consider the initial days as a period where we learned a lot.

Tell us the story of the foundation of Fabriclore and what it promises to the customers?

Sandeep, Vijay, and I have known each other for about 12 years now. We were working in the same company when Sandeep started experimenting with women’s clothing. In April 2016, we decided to build a brand of fabrics and came up with the name “Fabriclore”. We have set up a platform for customers, to have access to a plethora of authentic fabrics and designs. After a long hustle, our suppliers are now based in 14 states across India. 

What is the working strategy you use to educate people about crafts and various fabrics across India?

We are highly transparent and the first brand to define how fabrics should be marketed digitally in India. We have written numerous blogs to share our journey with others and raise awareness about the myriad fabrics available to consumers. We also organize interactive sessions and quizzes, as a result of which, our company has a great follow-up on social media.

Could you share any feedback from a client which has boosted your interest in this genre and motivated you in your professional life?

Recalling particular feedback is difficult as it is the customers themselves who encourage us to bring certain collections. Due to their constructive criticism and healthy comments, we have started a project called called “Project Roots” where we will be launching 12 traditional crafts available in India, every month.

Elucidate the ways our readers can reach out to you to learn about designs and fabrics?

As I mentioned earlier, we are the pioneers of bringing the digital experience of learning about different fabrics, so anyone can easily reach out to us with the help of our website. We would love to extend our family of FAB TRIBE on Facebook too!