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Flying Elephant Designs
Flying Elephant Designs

Designing Self-Happiness

In 2015 I was going through my divorce, which had a major impact on my professional and personal life. I went into depression, and with the help of extensive therapy and counselling, I started getting out of it. I felt hopeless and numb. I had also quit my job during that phase, and so with nothing to look forward to or do, I started painting patterns and designs. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to put my heart into anything creative or any work at all. It was from the encouragement of my family members that I decided to start a virtual stationery brand under the name Flying Elephant Designs to sell paper stationery products like notepads, social stationery, wrapping papers and many more things.

What started as a small homegrown stationery brand, two years ago is now a full-fledged service design studio. It has been only possible due to the support of my family, friends and customers & clients.

I named my studio Flying Elephants Designs because the idea of something so big & heavy flying seemed magical, and that is what we strive to do with our brands and businesses. We specialise in transforming strong ideas into brands of tomorrow.

FED as a studio which strives for personalised, effective and evolving design making. I want to ensure great client experience, affordable and visually appealing designs.

FED is a believer of ensuring strong familial bonds with its clients. Our approach to our clients is very personal, and thus we often end up being friends with them.

As a person who has gone through depression and healed with therapy, I am very passionate and vocal about Mental Health issues. FED has a special place in my heart, for I started it when I was working with my inner demons and trying to look at life differently.

Depression is not bad; it can be dealt with beautifully. All I want people to realise is that there can be a new beginning to everything in life.