Italy to Hollywood – Francesco Bauco


Francesco Bauco is an Italian actor. Widely known for his role of Lorenzo Bandini in the movie FordVsFerrari, he is set to sink his name in Hollywood with the motto, “anything can happen in the city of dreams.” Team Storiyaan spoke with the actor about his craft and journey to Hollywood.


Questions and answers

Talk to us about the first time you knew you wanted to be an actor.

I knew I wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little kid. In elementary school, they took us to watch a play in a theater in Rome. When I came out of the theatre, I remember being confused and enlightened. I said to myself: “I want to do this all my life.”


You mentioned once that something was missing for you in the Italian film industry, which made you move to Hollywood. What were you referring to, and does it feel fulfilled now?

It is interesting how missed opportunities become new and greater possibilities. The project I missed was with actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta called The Tailor’s Wife. The thing is to keep working hard and know that everything in life that happens or doesn’t have a reason.

How was it to play Lorenzo Bandini in the film FordVsFerrari? He’s an interesting character to portray, along with other great actors as well. What memories did you take away from the set?

Playing Lorenzo Bandini, a legendary Italian racing driver was an honor. And playing Christian Bale’s antagonist was the same. I remember that for the whole month of shooting the Le Mans race scenes, Christian and I interacted as little as possible. But towards the end of the month of being on set, it was my birthday, and Christian hugged me, saying, “Happy Birthday, Buddy!“. It is my favorite memory from the set.

You once said you live by the quote, ‘You don’t have to be famous. You just have to make your mother and your father proud of you.’ by Meryl Streep. When you look back today, do you feel you’ve ticked this off your list?

This is a fascinating question. Yeah, one doesn’t want to be an actor for being famous, but one wants to be an actor because one loves the art. And for doing this job, one has to love it. And the best thing that you can do is make your family proud. That is the most important thing.


You played a small role in the Television series Mom. But it was a lgbtqi character, a parent as well. Can you give me an emphasis on the importance of diversity, especially in the entertainment industry?

Playing a small but characterful role was a lot of fun. There were a lot of hilarious moments during the rehearsals. Working alongside Anna Faris, Kathleen Turner, and Allison Janney on a popular TV show with a live audience was a great jam and an excellent opportunity for me. Nowadays, there is room for everyone, and it is lovely to see how there are no more barriers or narrative limits. Diversity is powerful: being Italian, with my strong Italian accent, is not a weak point for me. Instead, I have to use it as my strong, unique point in the enormous entertainment industry.

Would you like to talk to us about your web-series Delicious— Fall Into Me?

I love playing Giovanni Leoni, my character in the show. He has such a pure soul, old and traditional style, solid. He represents for me, all the good and symbolizes the beauty of Italy. It was nice to bring him to life. Working with so many young American actors was another experience for me as well.

Out of all the characters, films you’ve done, and people you’ve met, is there one advice you’ve gotten that has impacted you a lot and why?

That’s a great question. Yes, I have learned many things. But one that I’ve understood is that in some way, all of us are connected. Mostly, in a logistic way. Nobody is as far from the other. There’s a connection even during this short conversation of an interview. There’s not as much separation as we all think. This is something I have learned closely. And there’s a lot more I keep learning every day.