The real hero:Garima Chauhan


Who doesn’t want to become a hero! So did Garima Chauhan in her childhood. She wanted to do good for the society and be known for the same. Being focused to do good and save lives, she carved a profession out of her aim. Read more to know about the doctor who also loves to dance in her pass-time. 


Questions and answers

As a doctor, are you afraid of dealing with the Covid virus, since many doctors themselves have lost their lives. How do you cope up with such times?

Bravery is not just the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity within oneself and deciding that something else is more important. As a kid I had always wanted to become a hero, a person who would be looked upon by people at large. I remember my mother once asking me “Why do you want to become a celebrity?” My answer was simple, “I want to do good and be known for it.” Mom reposited me with a small grin, “Be a real life hero and make a difference in the world; save lives and set an actual example.”

That’s when I decided who I wanted to be and to never let anything come in between discharging my duty and living my dream of super hero.

Many people have been wrongfully quarantined these days, due to which people are losing faith in the tests and endangering lives when they experience the symptoms. What are your thoughts on that?

If you develop any symptoms related to covid 19, you must isolate yourself from the rest of the housemates and get yourself probed by the “ICMR approved labs” for the COVID 19 virus. Most importantly have faith in your appointed Doctor. No Doctor would ever wrongfully quarantine a patient and put his own life In danger. There’s already a scarcity of beds at the hospitals. Contrary to that, more and more people are testing positive. Health care systems are already ooverburdened. Your co-operation and trust in the system is the need of the hour. 

It is said that COVID-19 can be prevented by taking steam and consuming warm water, giloy, garlic, and such. Is it true? How can people really prevent the virus from spreading?

Prevention is always better than cure! Garlic and Giloy have immuno-modulatory, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in general . Though there is no evidence that it prevents us from being attacked by COVID-19, but inhaling steam, and all these home remedies definitely ease the symptoms and reduce the chest congestion. They don’t have any side effects. It’s just that you can burn your nose if you inhale the steam at a distance too close to the oven. 

How common is the spread of the virus through contaminated surfaces?

There are n number of articles on this which are debatable regarding the the duration of the virus residing on the contaminated surface! But it definitely does spread, and as a responsible citizen you ought to wear a face mask which covers your nose and mouth to the hilt and do wash your hands frequently. Don’t waste your money on fancy sanitizers! Wash it with soap and water instead. It’s the most effective! Keep the sanitizer handy for places where you don’t have access to water and soap. 

When do you think would the Covid-19 vaccine be available in India?

As per the latest report, Russia has launched its first vaccine. But for any vaccine to be effective, it needs to undergo a lot of clinical trials which takes a hefty amount of time. After n number of lab trials, there will be human trials. Only then shall the vaccine be approved. We certainly don’t want the vaccine to harm more than heal. I personally think that if every person in INDIA maintains the basic HYGIENE, (like not spitting/urinating in public, covering one’s face while sneezing and washing his hands at regular intervals) the Corona virus can no longer reign in INDIA. Let’s do our parts first! 

You are not just a doctor, but also a dancer. You have learned various dance forms. How do you balance your work and dancing?

MEDICINE is my profession, DANCE being my passion. Due to time constraints, I have never taken proper training in any dance style, but that didn’t debar me from pursuing my passion. I kept attending dance workshops as and when possible, to keep me sane. The profession I am in, can get exhausting at times and take a toll on mind and body. That’s when I let loose. Dance is therapeutic for me and resets my body for other upcoming hectic schedule at work. What I have learnt is: One should never leave their passion behind, as it will allow you to strive harder in your profession.