Gaurav Kataria-Curiosity Is The Key!

Gaurav Kataria

Curiosity Is The Key!

Constant belief in one’s efforts always pushes one to work hard and with no bounds.


As an accidental author and a professional, I do not wholly agree with everything that our Mythology says. My mantra in life is to explore a multitude of domains and work hard to achieve perfection in all of them. It may seem tough and quite impossible, but it is better to try at least and give one’s best.


Before completing my MBA and starting my corporate career, I spent more than ten years managing my family business. Apart from swotting field-experience, I gradually developed Marketing, Negotiation & Decision-making skills over the years. Along with that, I began my venture called “Still Bachelor,” a T-shirt brand that was later put to halt due to some personal and financial struggles. But I never stopped learning. I learned from my mistakes and began putting in more and more effort—this time, with strategic planning. Finally, I can say that my venture “Still Bachelor” will be available again and stand stronger than ever in the future. It is on the verge to be relaunched very soon.


With time, I developed a keen interest in Mythology as well. I was fascinated by its implications in the commercial world and how it can positively influence society.


Ravana, as the most negative and influential character in history, caught my attention a few years ago. I yearned to learn more about him and hence, researched more about his life and deeds. I especially wanted to know what was so mysterious about him that despite being a powerful King, a scientist, a medical practitioner, an author, and the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva, that he had to meet such a tragic demise. There’s a lot that we, as humans and Professionals, can learn from his actions and complex character.


Finally, I decided to write my Novel, Ravana- A Mistaken King, An Unmistaken Leader,

Which was enthusiastically acclaimed by readers and was featured on several social media platforms. It has recently been nominated for Story to Screen Awards, 2020. I only hope that my efforts tend to be a learning guide for my readers and the generations to come!


My Novel is available on Amazon Kindle (ebook) and Flipkart(Paperback)

You can reach out to me at FB@grvkatariaofficial ,  Insta@grvkatariaofficial