Breaking societal stigmas: Girish Dutt


Girish Dutt is a digital marketer; he is an advocator for mental health. He wishes to bring awareness and smash stigmas that are deeply rooted in society with his book. This debut novel, ‘Maroon in a Sky of Blue’ helps the readers make sense of the chaos of life.

Girish Dutt shares deeply personal incidents from his life with team Storiyaan and talks about his journey from struggles to success. He also shares about the inspiration and ideation behind his first novel. If you wish to know what this talented author has in store for the future, continue reading.

Breaking Societal Stigmas: Girish Dutt


Questions and answers

What made you divert from Digital-Marketing to being a full-time author? How would you say the shift is panning out for you?

I haven’t made the complete transition yet, but that is my goal for the next two years. I’m certain when it happens, it’ll be a satisfying experience. I am smiling just at the thought of it.

You have mentioned that “Maroon in a Sky of Blue” was the result of an exchange between you and Harshil Gurha. Could you perhaps provide our readers insight into that exchange?

As a daily ritual in college, Harshil would come to my room after dinner just to banter. For a few weeks, I had been prepping and sharing snippets of the idea with him. Then one fine day, I shared the entire idea with him and he jumped in excitement and said, “Bro, you have to write this.”

How did the steady flow of music intertwine with your sporadic thoughts to provide them coherency? What other methods did you adopt to overcome writer’s block?

There are a few songs that calm me down and instantly make me happy. They always put me in the right frame of mind, which allows creativity to foster. Other methods include going for a walk, reading books and articles, and just taking a break from writing.

Your book has been well-acclaimed by Shri Hriday Narayan Dixit - an author 32-books old. Did he provide you with any constructive criticism?

He just asked me to keep writing irrespective of how this book does in the market. He said that even if one reader can take something out of my book, it’s a job well done.

You are a victim of liver dysfunction for 12 years now. Could you tell us about your struggle and how it influenced your life and your book?

My inspiration was a broken relationship and spending countless hours in bed wondering what I want to do after I am well. What also pushed me was my unwavering desire to share a story.

What project are you working on at present? Could you perhaps give us a sneak-peek?

I have finished the first draft of my second book; which is a psychological murder mystery. A secret I can let you in on is that my third book will be based on a real crime. The research for it will begin in a few months.

You have a post that says, “Everything can change in a moment, if you just decide”. What is the one decision you too that changed your life?

The decision that changed my life was when I decided to quit my well-paying, cosy software engineering job and join a small marketing firm at less than half the salary as a content writer and social media strategist. Life has never been the same since, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.