Gopal Krishan Sharma and Rashi Sharma

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In the year 2011 Farhan Akhtar made a designer Leather bag famous by calling it “Bagwatti” in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, something as simple as a bag stole the entire show. That’s the power of fashion. Meet Gopal Krishan Sharma and Rashi Sharma, founders of Attachey. They are responsible for making “Bagwatti” or Leather bags affordable for every Indian! They may be a small business at the moment but their visions ain’t small as they plan on dabbling into different fashion accessories in the future.

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Follow this journey via Storyiaan about homegrown brand whose business idea is producing world class products in our country. Now, the devil can wear all the Prada he wants to but we Indians wear Attachey!

Gopal Krishan Sharma and Rashi Sharma

Gopal Krishan Sharma and Rashi Sharma


Questions and answers

How did you come up with the word “Attachey” and how does it connect with your brand?

It was an old school idea wherein back in the olden times when families going out for their vacation trips used to call out to collect their belongings in an “Attachey”. The name gives a glimpse of its Indian origin, and Attachey in itself means bag. That is the sole reason why we decided to finalize on that name

What made you start your venture with an assortment of leather bags?

When it comes to the word ‘leather”, we have only big established brands selling them. People don’t have enough knowledge about leather products and Attachey not only provides leather products but also a good amount of knowledge for the audience to judge.

What is the USP of your brand that sets it apart from similar brands in the market?

Before launching our items into the market, we provide our audience with an insight into what our product is. So that when the final product comes out, they have a fairly good amount of knowledge about it. We are in some ways including our audience and educating them.

What turned out to be the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

The most rewarding aspect is people actually using our products and are happy with quality and service. Our creativity level has reached its highest potential ever since we stepped into this industry. Working 24/7 doesn’t feel like hard labor in this business.

You mentioned that you envision spreading out into different sectors of fashion accessories. Do you have any particular product in mind?

We don’t have only one product, but a number of items are also lined up in our list. Eventually, people will know with time and we will be launching it soon! So stay tuned.

As a new entrepreneurial venture, what has been the greatest challenge in establishing your brand?

We particularly faced 3 major challenges. Firstly, gaining the trust of the audience we serve. Secondly, standing up to the expectations of the public. And lastly, making people understand and believe that we are not some fraud.

What are some of the ways in which interested customers can reach out to you?

We are available on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp as well. Any person who’s still not able to find a lead can directly contact us via mail and soon we’re going to launch our website as well!

You mentioned, “ Attachey is a small business with a big vision to help people resolve their small life miseries related to fashion that they don’t realize.” Can you elaborate on this?

A lot of women waste about 10 mins per day finding their belongings in their bags. So for this, we designed bags with inside compartments. For everyday chores, women take wallets that they carry in their hands which can prove to be painful to hold for a long time. Our sling wallet comes in as a game-changer here as it has a sling chain that can help you carry it with no worries.

Quote- Attachey is here to satisfy your regular fashion troubles. Be it the neverending search for a hair tie in your purse or the struggle with hand wallets, they have got you covered.

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