Groomed to be Confident


Groomed to be Confident

Since I was a child, I dreamt of a crown over my head. After winning my first pageant as Miss Maharashtra Regina 2019, I wanted to groom myself for the audition of Miss India. They rejected me, saying that I was too short and that broke my heart. I realised there must be a multitude of girls who had the same aspirations but felt dejected as they lacked the stereotypical physical standards. I hated the idea of putting women into labelled boxes.

Despite the rejection, I participated in the audition only to be told the same thing about my height. They told me about another pageant for “average girls”. The term took me off-guard, which they then clarified as “average height”. I also felt the Indian obsession with fair skin. But I won the National level crown of Starlife Miss India 2019.

Indian girls already have issues with self-confidence. I wanted them to get out of that, and therefore I created Boss Womaniya, a platform to empower Indian women to be the best versions of themselves. It celebrates all kinds of beautiful women who believe in themselves. I want Boss Womania to be the symbol of confidence for women.

We run a multitude of programmes that include a short session extending over one hour, three Days Session dealing with bridal analysis and grooming and feminine grooming and a five day session dealing with image-grooming and pageant-grooming

I was sceptical of starting Boss Womaniya, unsure about the acceptance it would get from the people. Coming from an academically-inclined family, I had to first complete my post-graduation. I used up my savings to set up the office. I worked in my office all alone and ate alone on the floor in the initial days. I was new in the field, and it was hectic. I was on the verge of quitting, and that is when my mom encouraged me not to give up. Looking back, I feel proud of myself, and I am thankful to my parents, especially my mom. The hustle of 3 months led me here, and now I have my team to take care of my Marketing and Social media.

With Boss Womaniya, I want women to not conform to stereotyped norms of beauty and be comfortable in their skin, polish the traits they are born with, and they can achieve anything they set their mind to!