Gurinder Singh-My truths of triumphs

My truths of triumphs-Gurinder Singh

I had no hopes of even securing a low paying job, but my brutal dedication betrayed my fate.


My name is Gurinder Singh.


I did part time web designing course parallel to my college. Hailing from a middle class family, the financial back-up was quite. Everyone painted a very bleak portrait about the life of a web designer at the time. My own parents took my decision with a pinch of salt. They expected me to fall. A fall which would shatter my spirits beyond repair.  So that dwindled the hopes of a  top-dollar job, but I counted on my hard work to push me through. So I took a leap of faith and jumped into this business. Only to land on both feet, with style. My friend introduced me to the world of digital marketing, from where I never glanced back. Initially I did run into tight corners with money, sometimes even be close to going broke.

 But I never stopped working, on the contrary, I pushed myself even harder, even beyond the boundaries of my endurance. There were times when I was sucked out saturated, total dead beat, but when you are battling for success, comfort is your first enemy. As I spun my fate on it’s heels, I started minting almost a lakh a month. Even my standards started to match my bank account. I even helped people achieve their dream lifestyle .Today I have reached a new level, where I have achieved my dreams. When I started from nothing, now I have my own Mercedes, I have traveled to 5 countries, earned enough money. Now I am helping thousands of people achieve their dreams. Dreams never die, your will does.  If you want to do something, work hard on it. Put all your efforts working on it. You can achieve anything in life. When you have the passion to do something you can achieve anything. Never not believe in yourself.