Learn to live for yourself


Learn to live for yourself

Born and brought up in Punjab, I settled in Chennai after my marriage into a conservative family that did not approve of my interest in fashion. I also lacked resources and felt my potential waste away. After a rocky journey of 20 years, I decided to stand up for myself, I educated myself by enrolling in multiple courses in fashion and styling to achieve the happiness that was long due. I started my work at the age of 46, without much help from my kin.

My business today is growing gradually, though it had to face a glitch due to the pandemic. My main aim is to work for women above 40 years of age who are deprived of their choice of clothing. I want to break the ageist stereotype that exists regarding fashion. Hence the brand name ‘fabulous_hamesha’, signifying that one can always look and feel fabulous irrespective of their age and shape. The happiest moment of my life has been the birth of my daughter. There was a lot of pressure from my family who demanded a boy, failing which even divorce was considered. But eventually, my son was born, and I cried tears of joy. The topic of divorce resurfaced when I began to go to work, and my mother-in-law labelled me ‘characterless’ for my choice of attire.

Being an image consultant provides many opportunities, and I opted to be an age-positive fashion and personal stylist, who can help women everywhere, irrespective of age; to be themselves no matter what their family may say. It’s been a journey full of obstacles, but I have overcome them all. Today, I dictate what I wear with confidence and independence. My children are my strength; whenever I feel disheartened; I look at them and bounce back. They motivate me to stand strong and build a life for myself and them.

I am also incredibly proud and supportive of my daughter, who entered the fashion industry. My husband and mother-in-law do not support her, but I will stand by her no matter what. Similarly, my goal in life is to stand by such women, who can turn to me when their own family turns them down.

My message to woman out there is do your duty to others, but do not forget about your own happiness.