Harpreet Sharma: Within the Occult World


Meet Harpreet B Sharma, a clinical hypnotherapist and a spiritual coach who has attained her Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources and has worked in the corporate for over 7 years. Her strong sense of intuition drew her to tarot cards and spiritual healings. Today, she has acquired an experience of 10+ years in holistic healings, angel and tarot reading and is a passionate entrepreneur known for her welcoming aura and her commitment to healing people in the truest sense.

Initially, Harpreet dwelt into the occult world and realised the sense of satisfaction and impact she was able to create. Being awarded for her work and dedication, she is one individual that’s determined to take people towards what’s meant the best for them. Read more to explore more about the occult sciences, spirituality and Harpreet’s take to it.


Harpreet Sharma: Within the Occult World


Questions and answers

How did you stumble upon tarot card reading and spiritual healing?

I always had a strong sense of intuition about things and energies around me but while I was in the corporate, but never gave it a thought.  Taking a sabbatical from work life after my daughter was born, made me think about the in-born abilities I had. One of my spiritual masters also mentioned that I could make a huge impact. As I dwelled into the occult world,  I felt a sense of satisfaction of making an impact and by helping others.

And it has been a beautiful journey over the last 10 years. I would not have wanted anything else.

What are some misconceptions that people usually have before taking a reading session?

People usually think it’s some sort of magic or trick. But the truth is, your subconscious mind picks up a card that has a solution to their problems. It depends upon  the tarot readers interpretations that can truly help you understand and resolve your problems or issues.

What are some things that people need to keep in mind before practising the law of attraction?

Biggest road block to manifesting is doubting what you really want to manifest.

Here are 3 things you need to keep in mind while practising the law of attraction.

  1. Believe that its already done.
  2. Be consistent with the techniques.
  3. Be patient : The universe is already working for what you truly desire 

Can you tell us more about angel practicing and what goes behind the same?

So basically Angels are all around us, we just need to call upon them to help and guide us in different life situations. They are also called the messengers of God. There are many and different types of Angels in the Angelic Realms, but as a healer I work mostly with Archangel Rapheal and Archangel Micheal.  There may be different theories about angels by different spiritual practitioners but I feel more than anything angels are the guiding light to people’s life.

What is the significance behind Vaastu Shastra?

Simply said , our space ( home or office ) is an energy body ( as we all are). The right alignment of directional energies  (North /West) can help you lead a prosperous life. As an example, North is the direction of wealth & new opportunities and is represented by the color blue. And if you have color red  (fire) in North, it may be detrimental to your growth and wealth.

What is your major takeaway/ learning after venturing into the world of cards and decks?

Here are my takeaways from the same.

  • The tarot readers expertise is extremely important as she/ he is the medium for interpretation.
  • The tarot reader must invest time in deep learning of this subject.
  • Mediation is extremely important for a meaningful interpretation of the cards.

What was the most difficult aspect of learning to read the cards?

Well I feel there is no such thing as difficulty in reading the cards, because one card may have many different interpretations. It is up to the reader to interpret the same and this comes with practice, so the more u practice the easier it gets to understand the energy of the cards in different situations.

You will also  need to work on raising your vibration and intuition to be getting the accurate message for the querent.

Being a holistic healer, can you give us an insight on holistic healing.

Healing is  flow of prana or positive energy from the healer to the receiver. People who are depressed or suffer from any ailments , can be due to low prana or negative thinking processes. Hence, holistic healing works best with affirmations, meditation and good eating habits along with various practices like reiki, pranic healing, angel therapy etc. Holistic healers can help with one or all aspects of it.

Can you share us some tips that our readers can find useful to improve the Vaastu at their own houses?

  1. Check for North : You should not have color red there
  2. Put a green object/ thing in a blue pot for new opportunities.
  3. Put a bronze sun statue in EAST for good social connections

What is a word of advice that you would like to give to people who are going through any kind of mental health issues?

3 pieces of suggestions that can help you the most here

  1. First & foremost talk about with it. Have a conversation about it with someone you love and trust.
  2. Always seek an expert advice
  3. Don’t be a silent silos

Quick 5

  1. Your favourite deck -Rider waite
  2. Healing to you is- Gateway to good health, happiness & peace
  3. One manifestation hack- Discipline to follow something  you want and put your energy into it
  4. A person you look upto – My Husband
  5. A self-help book suggestion – 5am Club : Robin sharma

      Gratitude and grace 🙏