Heena Sharma: A Journey from Turmoil to Light!


When I was 9-months-old, my life took a drastic turn. I fell ill with a fever, and things were never the same again. I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, but unfortunately, the doctors initially mistook it for polio.

Due to the misdiagnosis, my condition worsened over time since I didn’t receive the proper treatment. As a result, I have no movement in my lower body, and my upper body is slightly curved, making it difficult for me to stand. While my muscles aren’t severely weak, I struggle with everyday tasks. Being different from the other kids, I faced numerous challenges in school and had to rely on someone’s assistance just to attend classes. Sluggishly, I started gaining confidence when I ventured outside. Singing has always been my dream, so I dedicated myself to learning and even taught others how to sing.

However, After completing my M.Com, I worked at Tech Mahindra for two years, doing the whole work-from-home thing. Meanwhile, I also pursued my passion for Instagram influence and modeling. I reached out to a social media influencer seeking guidance on the process, and that’s when my first collaboration happened with a startup that specialized in customized soaps. Initially, I used to post my own singing and dancing content on reels, and that’s how they gained confidence in me.

However, during the lockdown, our work came to a halt, and I could no longer continue teaching singing. That’s when I started immersing myself in social media, and it consumed me to the point where I became a brand influencer. I was thrilled when I received my first ever package as an influencer.

Though my physical condition sometimes makes it difficult for me to work or live. People say my life is full of struggles and hardships but you know what? Even when I have a hundred reasons to crib about my life,I will always hold on to a few that make my life worthwhile!