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Hiral Patel Pandey

Hiral Patel Pandey

Hiral Patel Pandey:Different paths leading to beautiful destinations

When I was young, I went to different institutions and learned various dance forms. At the age of 13, I started going to dance shows in different parts of our country and abroad. We used to get a stipend. Money was never important but the sense of satisfaction of having earned your own pocket money always thrilled me. At the age of 18, I became a dance instructor and even offered personal coaching for the same which allowed me to earn my pocket money, choreograph routines, and indulge in dancing. I bought small gifts for my family members who were overwhelmed with this gesture. I worked as a trainer with a renowned dance academy in Ahmedabad before I left for my further studies in the UK.

I came across event management because of my dance shows where I learned about event planning and backstage. Event management was fairly a new concept. I didn’t realize when I became so passionate about event planning. I had a knack for creativity and design. I loved the profession but could not pursue it further due to its odd and long timings, and it took a back seat. I started taking event management lectures for students in the university, which kept the spark of it alive.

I soon started my own vertical of designing and printing in my family business of packaging under which I created magazines, stationeries, and wedding invites. Though I always remorse giving up dancing, I would love to go back to my first love whenever possible. Amidst this, I got married. My priorities shifted from my work to my son who is my everything. I kept my work on autopilot mode but never gave up on it. When he turned a month old, I started taking him to the office, where I was back at my desk. I put him to sleep in a crib which was placed near my workstation. He also accompanied me to my lectures, and my students enjoyed having him around. I was a full-time mother and an entrepreneur but had a stagnant career at that time. I started with my Event Planning company called ‘The Tinsel Co’ when my son turned five. I do social events only for passion, so I take up minimal events and work with clients who trust my creativity and enthusiasm to drive the project. I trust for their staging services for the events I plan. I was enjoying my juggle between managing a designing business, an event planning company, and taking care of my family. Each moment was beautiful and memorable. Due to the course of time, my son grew up and the family business went on autopilot. I now had time to explore different possibilities. One day, the idea of starting a Kids Oriented Salon struck my mind. ‘Knotty heads’ is the first concept-based, kids-oriented salon based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It’s been a year since I started this with a close friend and I am very passionate about taking this one to a distinct height and work towards its success and add brand value to it.

My journey has never been consistent or constant because I love change, and it has always been linked to the previous haul. I have always believed in one thing “Goals are constant, the methods keep changing.”

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