Breaking barriers and destigmatizing mental health issues: How Shabana Sanchawala healed many during tough times

Shabana Sanchawala

Every year, millions of lives across the globe are impacted by deteriorating mental health. While all of us make sure to treat our physical ailments and problems, only a few take the step of seeking help from therapists and counselors for issues pertaining to mental health, due to lack of awareness and the stigma attached to it. “I was always passionate about helping people deal with their mental issues and be their support system,” Shabana Sanchawala tells Storiyaan. 

But it wasn’t an easy road for her. Hailing from a Muslim family, she was the only one who wanted to go ahead in life and continue her education, unlike many other Muslim women who are married off at an early age and do not get an opportunity to show their capabilities. But as they say, “Tough times never last but tough people do!” 

She took up a part-time job at the age of 17 and realized she had a knack for conversing with people- Any individual, be it the young or the old was always comfortable talking to her and opening their hearts out. Shabana’s father found out this profound quality in her and insisted on taking up Psychology as a career option. She immediately agreed and started to work along with pursuing her degree in Psychology, completing a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, and simultaneously finishing her Masters in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. She worked with companies such as Godrej, ABN, LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd, Amro Bank, Khaleej Times Newspaper (Dubai), and The Times of India for 12 years. While many just dream, Shabana acted on them and even managed to purchase her own house at the age of 23!

Certified in many therapies such as Gestalt, Hypnosis, Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Belief Clearing Therapy, EFT Techniques, Angel Therapy, and the Art of Living, Shabana makes sure that her clients are fully healed and do not require a second visit or opinion from somewhere else. She even offers free counseling to those below the poverty line as she believes every person should have equal access to such opportunities. Even during the pandemic, when everyone was under stress and anxiety, Shabana offered assistance to individuals not only in India but in Dubai and Africa as well! To help them cope with the pressure, she even helped many Doctors and provided them an outlet to vent out their feelings and thoughts. 

Her article on mental health was also published in Xelebrate Magazine of Xtraordinaari Group. Due to her excellent expertise in therapies, Shabana has many awards to her credit such as Nari Tu Narayani Award for the Best Mental Health Therapist, The PIFA 2.0 Award for being a passionate counselor, Mum Munchkins Squad Entrepreneur Award, and the Indian Woman Talent Award. On a lighter note, she loves to meditate and give time to mindfulness and connecting with her inner self.

To overcome issues related to mental health, career, or relationships, you can seek Shabana Sanchawala’s help by contacting on the Instagram page.