How to grow taller after puberty?

grow taller

Line up shortest to tallest!” the teacher calls out. “Not again,” some kids might groan — especially if they have to stand at one end or the other.

Exercises, Foods to grow taller. It is a relatively known fact that after 18 or after puberty boys and girls don’t grow height-wise. While it sure slows down but it is not true that it stops completely. So let’s talk about how to grow taller after puberty.

grow taller

Want to grow taller??

Your height can very much grow after puberty is finished. Now we know short is cute. It is true. Although looking up to people can be a bit awkward at some point. Height is always associated with self-confidence.

Now it is not necessary for you to be of extremely tall height but a height below average is also not preferable. There are some pretty simple ways out there to increase your height after puberty.

grow taller

Here are some of those:

Eating choices

How to grow taller during teenage:

All our nutrition is derived from food. When we are going through puberty the focus on food dwindles away into thin air. It is necessary to maintain a diet in those years. However, not all is lost.

Maintain a healthy eating routine complete with a balanced diet and dairy supplements at least three times a day. There are various specific food nutrients that your diet should have which will help with your like:

•Vitamin B1 Vitamin

D Zinc Phosphorus Calcium Breakfast

A very common dieting taboo is that skipping breakfast can go a long way in burning the fat. It is not at all true. A breakfast is the first meal of the day. All it does is get you started with your metabolism for the day. This could be a fundamental mistake many people make. Breakfast just increases your metabolism and can go a long way to help you increase your height.


Stretching exercises like an overhead bar and various other exercises with yoga should be a daily routine. Exercise opens up muscle pores and thus increases your chance of increasing your height.

•Adequate Sleep

The growth hormone in our body is released during sleeping. For that, it is necessary to get at least 8 hours of deep sleep. This is also advisable for tissue repair and regeneration.


What do basketball, badminton and swimming have in common? They all are amazing catalysts for your height and they are fun too. What could be greater? It will even add one more skill to your persona.

•No binging

Height increasing exercises for teenagers

6 meals instead of 3 is preferable if you want to increase your metabolism. Over-eating just slows down the digestion process and then various nutrients go away wasted without any assimilation. Eat many times but less every time.


An active metabolism is key. You can take all the nutrients but still have a very low assimilation rate. Without water, all your efforts will go to waste. If you are adequately hydrated, your assimilation rate will shoot up.


Pressurizing your spinal cord is very harmful and that is what happens because of a wrong posture. Try and walk with your head aligned with your spine and while sitting don’t slouch. Maintaining a good posture can go a long way in helping you with your height.

•Body mass index

Keep your weight in check. If it is proportionately more than the required height you want, your tallness will be hindered. Obesity also slows down your metabolism. Losing weight and maintaining it is also a nice way to go.

•No alcohol or smoking

All such activities stunt your growth. This definitely affects how your body works. Highly frequent use may even slur your hormonal balance. So it’s good to stay away from such activities.

With all these steps followed to the T, your height will surely have a positive change or at least your life will. A healthy lifestyle is the best thing a person can have.