Indian snacking defined by biotechnologists


Shikhar and I, both biotechnologists without any prior entrepreneurial experience, shared a common passion for food and a realization about the strong connection between leisure time and snack foods in Indian culture. This led us to notice a lack of organized options for the beloved Indian snack—Samosas. Determined to fill this gap, we took a leap of faith and founded Samosa Singh.

Our initial years were focused on building the business, with personal lives taking a backseat as we became dedicated business partners. We secured our first major clients in the aviation and multiplex industry, and proudly opened our first outlet at Bangalore Airport. Expanding from B2B to B2C, we launched a cloud kitchen in 2019 and a physical store in January 2020.

However, just as our dreams seemed within reach, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing a major setback as multiplexes and airlines closed down. Undeterred, we adapted our business to meet the changing market demands. Despite the challenges, we expanded to eight major cities and received an enthusiastic response from smaller towns.

Samosa Singh’s mission is to strengthen the bond between our country and its food. We aim to delight customers with delicious, fresh samosas and snacks, providing them with an experience that evokes nostalgia and joy for Indian street food. Despite the obstacles faced, we persevered, and our brand anthem proudly declares, “India’s SnacKing with Samosa Singh.”

Today, Samosa Singh stands as a testament to our determination and the success we achieved. As biotechnologists turned entrepreneurs, we ventured into the snack market, reinventing the samosa’s role and captivating customers across the nation. With our unique approach and unwavering commitment, we continue to serve delectable samosas, satisfying cravings and bringing the joys of Indian street food to people’s lives.