Indrabhuwan Singh-A Transformational Conversation

Indrabhuwan Singh

Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh is a motivational speaker, business motivator, educator, and author, widely known in Tanzania. He is the CEO of MeTL Agro Limited and has launched and worked on Boxer Motorcycles, LG/MO Electro, and Fertilizer business of MeTL Group.  

In 2018, he was awarded Best Employer of the Year in Agri Sector by ATE (Association of Tanzania Employers) for his work in MeTL Agro Limited. He authored the book, The New Ways Of Self Transformation, which is about personal productivity, personal social development, and professional and leadership development.  

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Questions and answers

Could you walk us through your journey of indulging in Agribusiness?

Agriculture is the backbone of any country’s economy. According to me agriculture should be in the top priority of business sectors as food is an essential need. This was the reason why I choose to get involved in the agribusiness. I feel that often agribusiness is neglected. The farmers who feed us themselves fail to procure two meals a day for their family. This is a serious issue to be concerned about. All these pressing issues motivated me to come in the agribusiness and become a business motivator so that I can be of some help to the poor farmers and situations of the agricultural industry.

What were the challenges you had to face in the early days in terms of career?

During my early career time around 2004-2005, we did not have so many resources, infrastructure, coordination and information compared to the present generation. There is also cruel and hard competition in cooperative sectors. I have worked in various professional hierarchies of my company and each post demanded its own time and had a fair share of their challenges. However, I always tried finding solutions to my problems that I was offered by life.

Talk to us about your book ‘The New Ways of Self Transformation’.

 While I was working from my home, many thoughts and ideas came into my mind. Those thoughts and ideas inspired the writer in me and I started penning down my ideas. My book contains all my ideas, thoughts and motivations that I generated and realized while I was sitting at home in the lockdown. This crisis period evolved me as a better human being. The dire situations of COVID-19 in a way encouraged me to write how one can fight and battle obstacles by themselves.

Can you tell us how organizations should strategize management plans under the current situation?

Many organisations are deducting salaries of employees and a lot of cost cutting is taking place. I feel that salary deduction is not a solution. It doesn’t go to make any big difference. Yeah, in terms of finances, somebody’s number can be improved. I understand if you do not get revenue, you cannot pay your employees. But one thing we should also understand is as a business as a company, any company owner, they are not the only owner, they are father figures they are father figures for all the employees, and one should develop that kind of mentality in your brain.Because one father cannot leave his child in any sort of problems never even he can sacrifice his life to save each child. So this kind of mindset, this kind of mentality required in all business fraternity.One should focus on managing profits and increasing them, than managing finances.The work from home culture has reduced your operating expense your office expense will come down. So, everything has two sides and the lockdown at the same time has given you another window. So, this is all about the perception which I feel any company has to look into and respect. 

You've received a lot of awards, and you've earned articles in magazines. What is the inspiration behind it?

This doesn’t belongs to me. It all belongs to my team who are working day in and day out to make it happen. I strongly believe in team that teamwork is the essence of any foundation. Even if you see what is the full form of team. T stands for together, E stands for everyone. A stands for achieve and M stands for more. Together, everyone achieves more. That is the full form of team. So wherever I stand it is all because of my team, my wife, my family and friends and God’s blessings.

How do you train young minds to achieve financial independence?

Every individual has some sort of capabilities it is all about choosing the right direction and working consistently towards your goal. I help them develop the right mindset and roadmap and the youngsters pave their own way! I am trying to impart my knowledge to many youngsters in Africa and India.

You also initiated many Youth Empowerment campaigns. Can you tell us about the Bokaro youth club?

I wanted to do something good for the young generation in Bokaro and hence the youth club. The campaigns are dedicated to the youth in Bokaro as there are a lot of problems that the youth faces on a daily basis. The thought behind it to support the young adults to lead a happy and a healthy life.

Being a motivational speaker how do you keep yourself positive and driven towards your goal?

I am target oriented person and I hustle hard to complete them. Keeping oneself positive and driven towards your goal is mostly dependent on the individual temperament and the extent by which one follows their passion.Keeping an enthusiastic approach and passion towards one’s work is important to do anything significant in their lives. I try exploring new things and given an advantage of the rational decision making ability, I keep myself driven towards my goal.

Quick 5

1. Hard Work or Smart Work– Both 

2. Favorite inspirational movie– Chak De India! 

3. One word to describe you-Workaholic 

4. Public speaking or Writing– Public Speaking

5. Being realistic or being passionate– Being Passionate