Tulza Rajye, on realizing her divine purpose in life, “We are all born with magic, we just need to realize it”

Tulza Rajye

Tulza Rajye is a certified Intuitive Energy Coach, Tarot Witch, Graphologist, Animal Telepath, Mindset Coach, and Quantum Reiki Master. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived, and lived well.” What could be more beautiful than being able to assist others in defying the odds and witnessing their transformation? Well, some of us believe we have come here to fulfill a spiritual duty that involves healing minds and souls.

Tulza was brought up by her grandmother who guided her to become mentally accustomed to her responsibility towards fellow human beings and animal friends. She even cried once, to be a Disney Princess at a school function, but it was her grandmother who inspired her to be a Warrior Princess instead because she believed, her foremost Dharma is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, be the voice of the voiceless, and to selflessly help others! 

Beginning her spiritual journey at the age of 9, Tulza Rajye realized that the spiritual gifts she was born with, needed to be shared with the world, to help the world! And so, she made it her life’s mission to help and serve everyone who needs it.

Her undying curiosity for the deeper knowledge of spirituality and white witchcraft made her quit her 9-5 and dive deeper into the metaphysical life. However, quitting a well-paid and secure job isn’t an easy task. One must weigh the benefits and drawbacks and be certain about the next action. “If you have the will to imagine, you have it in you to create it as well,” she advises others. Tulza was completely focused on altering people’s lives and thoughts after this step, and she now feels more fulfilled and empowered than ever. 

Tulza tells Storiyaan, “I was taught to always speak the truth even if my voice shakes and to be the face of change. Keeping this in mind I try to live in a way that changes at least one life.”

The quest to continually evolve helps her adapt to new spiritual and metaphysical lifestyles, through which she relentlessly hopes to inspire all, to see the magic they hold within. “Each of us holds one priceless treasure and that is our uniqueness but somewhere between growing up, we tend to get covered in layers of other peoples’ opinions. These opinions bury our magic within, through my work I just want everyone to see how special they are how easy it is to turn their life into the most amazing experience”, she explains.  

But what about being an Animal Telepath? Human psychics are common, but Animal communicators are less heard of! Coming from a family that always encourages Animal-Human relationships, it was easy for Tulza to become an Animal Telepath. Animals have a voice of their own, which makes them great teachers. She has helped many get familiar with their pets’ thoughts and can even communicate with long-lost ones. 

Tulza hopes to see a holistically healed planet that thrives on the peaceful co-existence of man and nature, and she is willing to do whatever it takes, to witness this change. Her plan was to be “of use” to the world and the quest is never ending!