A Writer’s Account


A Writer's Account

The day I left my M.Tech course to pursue writing was the grimmest moment in my life. I had taken a decision of which I was certain and uncertain at the same time. Did it have a future which I would be fond of, or would it be the end of me? I did not know at the time.

I am a woman from Kolkata who grew up with a science background. I had thoughts of getting a Ph.D. later and going on with my life. But I had an alter ego, an ego that was delighted to read fiction and poems. It has been feeding my soul ever since I was a little kid. All I did was read and write short stories in my free time.

Getting into M.Tech was fine for me at the initial stages but then what I had not realized was that the people were getting into my head to pursue it. Now I was in a place where I did not want to be, and I hated it. I read a lot more and wrote even more to get away from these bad times. I started working on a novel as well at the time. It came to a point where I could not digest this anymore, so I ended up ditching the course for my own sake. I had to lie to my family regarding it.

I was in search of publishing houses to get my book to the people. After some intense research and hundreds of emails, Traditional Publishing House was keen to get my book out. All of this process, from writing to publishing, took me a total of an entire year. When I got the book out and got my copy delivered to my home, I confronted my parents and told them about the truth. They were very concerned regarding my decisions but ultimately were supportive of my decision.

Life is very uncertain, but the very uncertainty of life is a beautiful thing. It has a mysterious component to it. You may never know what can happen the next minute, let alone the next day. Take some risks in your life and listen to your inner voice. We cannot plan everything in our life but what we can do is how we can rise up from our downs and get back up again.