Jigisha Shukla-Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Jigisha Shukla
Jigisha Shukla

Jigisha Shukla-A Guide To Sustainable Fashion

Jigisha Shukla says, “Growing up in a small town, I followed the herd and joined an engineering college. Though I did have a creative bend towards understanding drapes and learning and observing Indian handicrafts I didn’t have the chutzpah to take up and pursue fashion designing at that point.

Eventually after college ended and life hit me, I decided to give my passion a try. I didn’t want to be a part of the crowd this time, I didn’t want to limit my energies to designing clothes, I wanted to go way beyond that.

And that’s when I started ‘Bageeya – an eco-friendly stop for all your fashion choices ‘. Growing up to be a nature lover and activist, I wanted to come up with a quirk to sustainable fashion and that’s when I took the plunge into creating sustainable textile art pieces.

Being a fashion entrepreneur, a lot of people ask me whether I regret wasting 4 years of my life in engineering college. Contrary to what they assume, I don’t! Bageeya wouldn’t have been where it is today if it wasn’t for my engineering experience. It taught me sincerity, organizational and management skills and pushing creativity to its technical best.

We are all for sustainable development and believe in producing biodegradable products. Each of our material, right from the weaving thread to the final cloth, is eco-friendly. We had to face a lot of hardship initially as not a lot of people were aware of eco-friendly fashion.

Exquisite craftsmanship was a real vogue in earlier ages. We need to bring craft and artisans back as brand who speaks for itself.

And that’s when I decided to come up with the idea of herbal and floral printing, I invested a lot of thought and time in coming up with unique designs for our customers.

Handmade craft is always pricey and we can’t deny the fact, though it has been a minor setback in growing our brand. I want to create a million-dollar brand to give work to millions of artisans of India and the globe. I aim to create a platform where sustainable clothing can be a viable option for mass-market bringing sustainable revolution. At the end of the day, the charm to sustainability is minimalism. I don’t want people to fill their wardrobes, with clothes from our brand, rather I would want every individual out there to own at least one biodegradable piece of clothing and join in to build an eco-friendly future.

Buddhism has always helped me to overcome my weakness by setting up a higher purpose – spreading humanity and understanding my very existence by doing my own human revolution to fulfill all my dreams.

I know I haven’t yet reached where I want to but I am definitely way beyond where an underconfident engineering student would have imagined herself to be. ” Aage badhte chalo, log judte jayenge aur karwan banta jayega” has been my motto, and will always be.”