John Giftah: A Lifelong Quest


Adaptability and sensitivity are the building blocks of a strong thriving community and in today’s dog-eat-dog world, it is difficult to stay positive and true to your own identity. Many of us struggle to cope with the pressure and overcoming it can be a task. And in such times, people like John Giftah come in. The author of two bestsellers to date- “Who Am I?” and “Unveil Your Purpose”, John teaches others to discover their inner potentials and maximize them.

Though he is an Aerospace engineer, his main aim is to be an inspirational voice to multitudes across the globe. To achieve this, he has started two podcasts, one being “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah” which is a top-ranking Christian podcast in several countries predominantly ranking #1 in India. On a different note, he is also a solo world-record holder for his Scooby-Doo memorabilia and Scooby-themed endeavours, which garnered him the nickname ‘Scooby Pastor’.

The TEDx speaker, YouTuber and Radio Host takes us through his rollercoaster ride of experiences, memories, and a lot more, in this conversation with Storiyaan.

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John Giftah: A Lifelong Quest

Questions and answers

What drove your interest in the field of engineering and to choose Aerospace engineering as a subject?

Most families in India, directly or indirectly pressurize their children to be a doctor or an engineer. In the same manner, I also had to give a shot at engineering. As it is a vast subject, I thought of doing engineering in something interesting which gives me a buzz. So I ended up pursuing Aerospace engineering.

You are also an author. When did you first realize your passion for writing and how did you cultivate this skill?

As far as I remember, I started writing when I was in 2nd grade and still have some of those manuscripts. Over the years I kept writing and sharpening my skills. During my college days, I read the book “Become A Better You” by Joel Osteen and it ignited a fire in me. I decided to focus on the area of books rather than simply writing. After working hard, I am now the author of two bestselling books, first is “Who Am I” which helps people understand their identity and the second one is “Unveil Your Purpose” which helps readers discover and walk in their purpose in life. Some of my works have been published in 3 anthologies till date.

Your Bestseller “Unveil Your Purpose" became a #1 New Release on Amazon. Could you share with us the journey that led you to write this book?

I have seen how people are able to climb to the top and be successful only when they are walking in their purpose. Outside of that, they are in constant struggle, mediocrity and dissatisfaction in life. An aircraft is at its best in the sky – not on the road; Likewise, you cannot expect to unleash the best version of yourself on the ground if your purpose is amidst the clouds! That’s why I wrote this book to help people unveil their area of purpose in life.

Being the founder of John Giftah International, could you walk us through it and what can our readers expect from it?

‘John Giftah International’ is birthed to help people reign in life by motivating, guiding, counselling and teaching them to live the life they are created for. Much of what I do comes under its umbrella and we organise programs, conferences and meetings on various forums.

You also host two top-ranking podcasts. Can you share about them?

My main podcast is a DAILY Christian Podcast, “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah” which is a hub for short Inspirational sermons, practical-living tips and interviews predominantly ranking #1 in India and my recent podcast “The Inspiration Hub” podcast is mostly among Top-25 self-help podcasts in Apple India giving weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and personal development every Tuesday.

Share with us the excitement and the experience of working with world-renowned guest Holly Starr and what was one of the most memorable things that you remember.

Growing up listening to Holly Starr’s songs on repeat-mode for years, I was on cloud-nine when I received the confirmation email that she would be joining my podcast as a guest. I was so ecstatic about the fact that not only was I going to host and interact with someone I looked up to for so long, I also had the privilege of hosting her for the first time on an Indian platform. The experience was wonderful and she was so friendly and the entire episode fared really well.

Since you inspire a lot of listeners through your podcast program, how do you manage to maintain the tranquility and the needed motivation in your life?

As someone whose mission is to encourage and help people, I have gone through a lot of discouragements, disappointments, hurts and opposition myself. During such times, I pray to GOD, press on against the urge to give up, keep myself busy with my goals and remind myself of the number of people who regularly tell me how my podcast or YouTube videos helped them. These things encourage and give me the strength to continue.

What were some of the most difficult times of your life that you believed have shaped your personality and made you the person you are today?

Growing up, I faced a lot of abuse, rejection and toxicity and they affected me in so many ways. Those experiences shaped me to who I am today in my views and perspective of life. I am able to understand and relate with the pain of others and so I want to help other people going through the various struggles in their life.

Tell us something about your Scooby Doo memorabilia and how did you get a world record for the same?

I have had a crush on Scooby-Doo ever since I was young and started collecting whatever I could. I have an ever-growing unique collection of Scooby-Doo memorabilia like pen drive, shades, socks, shoe, clocks, newspaper cuttings, figures, a personal message from the lead actor, stationeries, utensils, and a lot more. I also showcase my love towards it by making Scooby-Doo-themed videos and voiceover videos through which I bring life lessons, dedicated my latest bestseller to Scooby-Doo and bring Scooby-Doo into much of the work I do which garnered me the nick-name “Scooby Pastor”. In 2021, two different International Books of Records accredited my memorabilia and other Scooby-Doo themed endeavours as a World-Record.

Having seen many turns in life, what advice would you like to give to our readers?

One thing I would like to say is, just keep doing what you are called to do – whether you feel like doing it or not. Operate from a place of Commitment instead of being led by your feelings and when you are consistent in your efforts, you will definitely see the fruit of your labour! When I started, there were times when ‘nobody’ listened to my podcast or when I organised meetings and ‘nobody’ showed up and I felt like giving up; but when I continued doing it – after years, the tables did turn around in my life and the situation will definitely turn in your favor in your life!


The Mantra you follow in life- The pain of failure is better than the pain of regret.

Your favorite book- The Bible

A person whom you look up to the most- Joel Osteen

Your favorite TV show- Scooby-Doo

The role of motivation in one’s life- Some people are self-motivated (like me) whereas some need a dose of external motivation