Kabir Grover- Health By Kilo!

Kabir Grover- Health By Kilo!

Most of us are habituated to following a plan, diet, or philosophy that has been prescribed by someone else in order to address our issues in the area of health and fitness. When trying to “get in shape,” many of us look up to the diets and fitness routines of celebrities and influencers, and when the results aren’t promising, we fall flat and feel demotivated. Thanks to the internet, social media, and big fitness giants, the flow of misinformation drowns many!

Here comes the need for individuals who aren’t afraid to call out scammers and people providing false information and are willing to circulate accurate and useful information for people to learn from and follow. Kabir Grover does just that!

Kabir is a licensed commercial pilot and an advanced sports nutritionist, who runs “Health by Kilo” on Instagram and YouTube which is all about health and fitness. But being a pilot, how did he land up in this industry? The main driver behind Kabir’s desire to pursue a career in aviation was his father. He also founded “Health by Kilo” because he had a burning desire to debunk misconceptions and educate the masses. Kabir tells Storiyaan, “It is quite tough to sustain in the Health and Fitness industry so my family was hard to convince. However, they saw how passionate I am regarding this field and they gave a green signal right away! They are my biggest support system and have helped me grow the most”.

In the beginning, Kabir would go to various gyms and give them reviews by taking their images and posting them on his social media account. This was the start of his social media journey. After that, he observed that individuals were interested in learning about nutrition, exercise, and fitness. As a result, he shifted his career path from reviewing gyms to coaching fitness and wellness. He has also exposed a big supplement company that sponsors Ranveer Singh and believes in exposing the wrong information providers and providing quality content to all.

“What I focus on, I manifest” Kabir mentions. The pilot and fitness trainer intends to start an NGO for animals and launch his own company under his name.

Kabir Grover is highly knowledgable in his niche and if you wish to speak to him regarding your own fitness journey or discuss more on this subject, you can do so by clicking on the link below-