Karan-If you have a penny, use it wisely.


If you have a penny, use it wisely

Karan says, “After quitting CA, I started working with a friend who runs an NGO. This got me working for my family’s trust. That is the time when I came up with the idea to create social media handles for the trust. Besides working for the trust, I am passionate about music and cricket.

From what I’ve heard, my great-grandfather was a philanthropist and liked dedicating his time to the service of society. He found the trust in 1959 in Gujarat, thus becoming a renowned person.

When I started working for the trust, I had a feeling I would be a part of it forever. Since then, I have continued my work. I derive peace and joy out of it that cannot be compared. More or less, I consider myself a philanthropist.

Through my trust, I have been able to reach out to people in need. At this point, we’ve been assisting a group from Mumbai with food grains, clothing, and medicines. We have also donated vital life-saving equipment to various hospitals and helped defaulters with their hospital bills. In return, we ask for a copy of their bills.

Recently, I have started working for it actively after following the trust’s activities from the last 20 years. As I find a sense of calm in the role, I am quite confident that I want to take this forward. I am sure that by the next few years, our trust will be a part of many activities for the benefit of the needy.

Recently, I set out to distribute safety masks and sanitizer alone as I didn’t want to risk my teammates’ lives. I believe that it is never about the measure of donation in social service, but the emotion with which you do it. That brings me to a popular notion of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means the world is one family. I will continue serving my family as long as I live.”