Karishma Govil: The Soul behind Soul Kari

Karishma Govil

Karishma Govil, popularly known as ‘Soul Kari’ is a digital creator who heads MissMalini Trending. She often creates relatable motivational comedy videos on her social media to entertain her audience. In a conversation with Storiyaan, she talks about a series that changed her life, her opinion on Bollywood and also shares what her biggest accomplishment, which is sure to leave you with a huge smile.

Karishma Govil lays it all out for the readers. Read further to know about this ball of sunshine.

Karishma Govil: The Soul behind Soul Kari


Questions and answers

What is something that you like the most about working at MissMalini?

It is all thanks to the management and Malini herself that I now know what I am capable of. One of the things I love about working at MissMalini is that we are all united as a team and empower each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Tell us about one web series or movie that has changed the course of your thinking of life forever.

I recently watched “Schitt’s Creek”, and I resonated with the show on a personal level. I come from a film background, and there were times when there was a lot of uncertainty when it came to finances. Watching this show at a time when I am comfortable in life made me learn humility all over again. I adore the show; it has indeed changed my life.

Since you're really dynamic in your work front, what keeps you motivated to be so many things at once?

I am someone who can’t sit still. This is the reason I love to keep taking up things, but I ensure I’m not burning out. I have extremely organized goals in my life, and I believe that motivation comes from within. What also helps me stay motivated are my fan pages, I constantly feel so blessed to receive so much love.

How would you describe a moment in your life which felt like the greatest achievement ever?

Since my childhood, I’ve watched my grandmother do celebrity interviews and be in the spotlight. It has been my lifelong dream to share the screen with her. I recently got the opportunity to do that in a show we did together that was about the generation gap and what we can learn from each other. This has definitely been my biggest achievement so far.

Can you talk to us Soul Kari and what is the motto of it?

The entire motive of Soul Kari is to make people laugh and learn at the same time; I call the genre motivational comedy. If people can learn something and have a laugh at the same time, because of my work, why not? My only aim is that if you go to my page, you should come out smiling.

What inclined you to create content based on comedy?

I began to create content around comedy during the lockdown. I heard of many people who felt miserable during this time, and since I’m a goofball by nature, I decided to put content out into the world that would put a smile on someone’s face. I wanted people just to have that ‘LOL’ moment, and that is the reason I got into this genre.

What are some tips that can help a brand to upscale themselves on the digital front?

One thing that brands can do it find the right influencers, who are more relatable than movie stars these days. What brings a brand to life is its influencers. Having said that, these influencers should be genuine fans of the product they promote.

What is the symbolism behind the name tag "Soul Kari"?

Soul Kari is actually my mom’s favourite drink, which is ironic, because my name is also Karishma, so ‘Kari’ comes from there. If you ever try to make this drink, it will taste different every time, and nothing describes me better than that.

What does Bollywood industry look like through your eyes?

I am a multitasker, and I get that from my grandmother. Tabassum. I look at Bollywood purely through the lens of Tabassum, my grandmom. I’m a huge fan of old Bollywood movies, Bollywood to me is black and white, till the early 90s. For me, Bollywood will always film with simple romances, soothing music, minimal editing, and this is how I will see it forever because it is how I’ve grown up.

What is your vision for a few years down the line?

I want to create a place where I can help people manage their thoughts. I want to create a mind management/struggle management environment, so people can manage their thoughts while being entertained at the same time. I think of my goals in terms of what I can do for others, and I believe that this is truly my purpose in life.