Madhurima Mazumdar – The Power of Emotions

Madhurima Mazumdar - The Power of Emotions

In today’s competitive world, you need to be prepared to go on a selfexploratory journey to achieve your goals. And it’s a position of a heavy responsibility to be able to guide someone and clear the black clouds of confusion, disappointment, and limitations. Madhurima Mazumdar, who is an Happiness Coach and Spiritual Guide does it perfectly! She is also a Forest Bath Curator, Meditation Coach, and Special Educator for children with learning needs.

As the founder of the “Sunshine In You” initiatives, the “Let’s Talk” community, and the “Reclaim your Power” Lean In circle, Madhurima has worked for many MNCs as a Sales Professional in Hospitality, Banking, and Media for about 10 years. During her sabbatical to embrace motherhood, she decided to follow her passion for spiritual awakening and took on a completely new path in life. 

Continue reading as Madhurima shares with Storiyaan her journey and also some tips to achieve better emotional health-

Madhurima Mazumdar - The Power of Emotions

Madhurima Mazumdar - The Power of Emotions


Questions and answers

When you initially chose to take a sabbatical from work to focus on motherhood, did you go through any spasms of dilemma and what was the future plan that you had in mind?

Honestly, I didn’t have any dilemma because it was a very well-thought-out and well-planned move that I had made because I was feeling a sense of disconnection with the work that I was doing and the place that I was in. I always wanted to explore, understand myself, my purpose in life, and connect with my inner self. It was there in my mind for a few years and certain opportunities come up which made me take that decision. After that, there was no looking back!

What led to your inclination for a more spiritual way of life and what were some of the changes that you began to incorporate into your new daily life to follow this path?

My parents sent me to a convent school when I was a small child, and we worked closely with Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity. The work of the nuns at my school had a big impression on me. As a result, we used to participate in a variety of social activities in Calcutta, such as teaching underprivileged children, caring for street animals, and rescuing them through an organization. In terms of taking the next step toward spiritual awareness, I was lucky to have a colleague who introduced me to Buddhism in 2004, and that’s how my spiritual path took a much larger leap. So that is something that has greatly influenced me and the way I look at life and my actions. Over time, I broadened my horizons and explored new regions of my spiritual awakening.

As an emotional empowerment coach, what have been some of the recurrent problems that you have noticed in your clients, especially after lockdown?

I’ve always heard that we must believe that being emotional is a sign of weakness. But, through my own learnings and awareness, I discovered that being emotional is the most blessed thing a human can have because if you’re not connected to your own feelings, you’re basically like a robot that’s being remotely controlled. The most common difficulties that people have reported following the lockdown have been anxiety and questions about their personal health, financial security, and the health of their families. People evolved numerous fears and phobias. So far, that has been my experience.

How was the Sunshine In You initiative established, and what were some of the causes that drew you towards the humanitarian sector from a corporate one?

The Sunshine In You Initiative is the brand that was created in the year 2016. I left my corporate job in 2011 because I wanted to take a break and embrace motherhood. My entire intention was to create a brand doing events that were completely related to mental and emotional wellness and the first thing that I started was an initiative called, ‘Let’s talk’ where we meet every month. We have a huge community where people can talk openly without having any fear and the next initiative was the Sunshine Festival which is the annual festival that I do. I wanted to do things based on joy and not from the intention to make billions out of this. If I enjoy something I would like to share it with others as well and bring a smile to their face and that has always been the motivation for me.

Can you explain to our readers how can one decide the best for themselves?

Summaries of the modalities I facilitate on the courses I’ve taken and the certifications I’ve obtained. So much of what I do is focused on our emotional health and happiness but if someone has an unexplainable fear, we can go for past life regression, or if they have a pattern in their lives that they don’t understand, I would propose a past life regression for them. If they are experiencing an emotional barrier in their current life, we can use chakra healing or energy cleansing. If they are indecisive, people can go for angel guidance or get a reading done.

Could you elaborate on how exactly childhood traumas impact a person as he/she grows up?

Childhood trauma can have an adult impact on a person’s ability to regulate their emotions, immunity level, and how their relationships end or break with others. The first and foremost is that an adult will have tremendous trust issues, making it difficult for them to trust others. Another thing is that they will have either very low confidence or a very high degree of a superiority complex; either they will be incredibly insecure or, if they have an inferiority complex, they will believe that they are the king of the world and will have a very high level of superiority complex. Third, a person who has had a traumatic childhood will be a people pleaser; they will find it difficult to say no to people. Inner child healing is a very deep healing process that most adults should go through because their childhood issues can lead to having a very traumatic adult life.

What is the first step that one can take on their own to heal themselves?

Healing is a very long process, it doesn’t happen overnight. First and foremost step is that you should be willing and you should be open to receiving the healing, you should be open to reaching out to a professional or a therapist to seek therapy. Also, you need to go to a trained professional or a therapist who will stand by you and take you through the healing journey, go back to your life, help you understand your triggers and patterns, and heal you from within. So, these are some basic steps that you can do and learning to live in the present moment and letting go of the past can be the beginning step.