Make this lockdown different from the previous two


“I realized that no matter how much time we think we have; at the end of the day, what I came to appreciate was that we simply don’t spend enough quality time with our families,”

So far during the pandemic, several factors have had an impact on whether new COVID-19 cases are increasing or declining in particular locations. Let’s talk about how to make this lockdown different from the previous two:


How to make this lockdown different from the previous two?

With the cases shooting up once again, it seems like we are going to enter the lockdown once again.

But, now that it’s more of a lifestyle, here are a few things you can do to make it more meaningful and fun.

  • Hibernate: Unlike the previous lockdown instead of indulging in virtual socializing try to spend time alone, become independent and reflect on your actions.
  • Hustle: Start waking up at 5am every day and invest more in self growth and skill development. We are not very sure if hanging out with friends and partying is going to add any value a few years from now.
  • Go on stage(virtual): Be it a comedy gig. Singing  or dancing, hosting Instagram lives, being in limelight is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

So what better than a virtual stage for starters??

  • Prepare your meal: When I say cooking is therapeutic, I mean I’ll try eating only nutritious food this lockdown and you will see your body thanking you for it.
  • Yoga and Detox: Exercising improves strength and agility and can help build your immunity in times like these. Meditation can help you destress and relax. It will help you inculcate a lot of energy and boost your stamina. Also, do not forget to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Grow plants: Try and grow plants that emit oxygen like tulsi or aloe vera. Choose plants that grow very easily and can be found anywhere. Gardening helps relieve stress and keeps you busy. You are also doing your bit for the environment especially during times like these.
  • Taking up painting: Painting is a natural form of expression and can be calming and meditative. It soothes your mind and is a creative way to express yourself. Draw, paint, sketch or any other form of expression you are comfortable with.
  • Create a collage: We always have so many photographs. This is a good time to spend organizing them into collages, maybe for your room or your friends. It gives you something to do.

Reminiscing to good times will also help you relieve any stress and anxiety. And as you look back at all those times, call up your friends and stay in touch.

  • Read a few good books: It is always good to get lost in a good book. They are the perfect way to spend long lockdown days. Read genres that interest you.

You can now find books online and don’t even have to step out once you have read through your entire bookshelf.

  • Learn a new language: Learning a new language gives you an edge over others. They count for a meaningful addition to your resume and will also help you in your career.

You can opt for online classes and apps that offer easy ways to learn a new language. It is not only fun; they add a lot of value to your professional life.

  • Play old games: Children spend so much time on the internet, playing video games. However, the charm of the good old monopoly board or the chessboard is still the same.

These are the games we still go to if we have our cousins over and want to have a good time with your family. Now is the best time to get back in touch with those evergreen board games.

  • Learn to play an instrument: Dust off that keyboard you got for Christmas last year, re-tune that guitar you’ve had for god knows how long and begin to fill your days with the sound of music.

With so much free time, it’s never been easier to pick up a new skill. Udemy offers a wide range of online music courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

  • Learn to make cocktails: Try your hand at mixology, courtesy of Taste Cocktails. Offering a three-month subscription, each month a new DIY kit full of premium ingredients and recipes will be sent your way.

Find out how to make the following drinks: Espresso Martini, Margarita, Old Fashioned, Manhattans, Bramble, Long Island Iced Tea, Gin Martini, & Mojitos. Learn to make cocktails

  • Learn Calligraphy: Bored of biro and pencil? Go one step further and transform your writing into a work of art by practicing calligraphy and lettering.

With an array of tutorials and expert guides available online, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade in no time – all you’ll really need is a calligraphy set and the willingness to turn off Netflix.

  • Practice nail art: There’s nothing better than typing on a keyboard or tapping on your phone with freshly manicured nails – you just can’t beat it. Why not learn how to give yourself an at-home manicure? You can enroll in an online nail course and learn what are acrylic nails and how to apply gel polish with gem stones to make your nails stylish while staying at home.

You’ll be able to create a range of show-stopping looks using glitter, stickers, and gems. If you’re in serious need of nail art inspiration, we’d recommend heading to the Essie website for top tips and tricks.

  • Write a book: Preferably an Autobiography instead of reading about others try to pen down.

Here’s what you can do now to prevent yourself from the new variant:

  • Get vaccinated for COVID-19. Learn more about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Continue to practice COVID-19 precautions, such as physical distancing, hand-washing and mask-wearing, especially in indoor, public places.
  • Check the CDC’s COVID-19 transmission map, and stay in touch with local health authorities, who can provide information if COVID-19 cases begin to increase in your city or town.
  • Make sure your household maintains two weeks’ worth of food, prescription medicines and supplies.
  • Work with your doctor to ensure that everyone in your household, including children, is up to date on vaccines, including this year’s flu shot.

We hope that after reading this article you have gotten in-depth about what all you can do in these coming days.

Even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries then ask it by commenting below, we will try to answer all.