Manoorama Prasad: You are what you eat !

Manoorma Prasad

We all love “Netflix and chill” which means grabbing the biggest packet of chips and sitting in front of the screens. Not only this, we love our fix of biscuits and namkeens and sometimes, binge-eating to satisfy our hunger pangs. Hence, if you’re looking for ways to shed off a few kilos or gain weight, Storiyaan is here at your rescue. “Health is an important aspect of your life and you must take care of it,” says Manoorama Prasad, a nutrition and fitness consultant, who has trained more than 75 individuals and helped them achieve their goals.

Earlier when she was in the teaching profession, she wanted to help children learn the basics of the subjects, and later when she started working as a consultant she continued the same but with her clients making them understand the basics and working towards better health. Initially offering online assistance, she now has an offline center too, called “Fitness With Manoorama”.

In this interview with Storiyaan, find the fitness freak talk about her journey, the challenges she faced, how she changed many lives and you might as well incorporate the tips and tricks she mentions-

Manoorma Prasad

Manoorama Prasad: You are what you eat !


Questions and answers

As you are a nutritionist, what are the issues you face the most from your clients in recent times?

Each one of us wants quick results. My clients wish to lose weight in 2 or 3 months and are ready to follow a strict diet as well, without realizing that it is a slow and gradual process. And the second is that girls usually don’t want to gain muscle, they think they will look masculine upon doing so, I try to educate them on what is bulking and how it is beneficial to them in terms of muscle building.

It is easy to get a diet chart, but the challenges come when one starts following it. In such cases what are the motivational ways you use to inspire your clients especially the ones who are very skeptical?

Before we start with the client’s enrollment, I have a consultation session with them where we talk for a considerate amount. I get to understand why they are starting with this journey. Midway, if they can’t do certain exercises or have difficulty following their diet chart, I give them examples of my previous clients, sometimes my own example. I remind them of their reason for starting this journey. If still, they are unable to cope, we make modifications in the chart, increase something they prefer and decrease something else to maintain a balance.

As a nutritionist, could you share the training and dieting style that you apply to your clients?

I ask my clients which form of exercise they prefer and enjoy doing. Currently, loads of people are opting for Zumba and Yoga. So, I ask them to join those classes with some additional workouts. I also provide one-to-one sessions or group sessions, according to the client’s likings. This way the client’s requirements are filled, and they enjoy it too. The same goes with the diet, I keep their eating habits and choices in mind while curating diet plans.

What were the major roadblocks you faced in this journey as a nutrition and fitness coach?

Well, one thing all beginners face is skeptical behavior from clients. So, it becomes my responsibility that the training period provides them satisfactory results and it continues even after it ends. Also, people have a lot of myths when it comes to fat loss, especially in diet, so it also acts like a bump in the road. People hesitate to explore. I am really blessed that the majority of clients understand my ways of approach and follow it religiously

Many women these days suffer from PCOD/ PCOS. What do you think is the reason for such disturbance and what should one have in their diet to fight it back?

PCOD/PCOS is mostly due to genetic factors which is a hormonal imbalance in the body. Generally, overweight females do have such issues. It is a common condition; I have worked with a lot of clients and with correct training and diet it can be resolved.  But, in PCOD/PCOS the body doesn’t lose weight, in fact, it gains stubborn weight, so mostly I recommend a diet that aids in weight loss.

Share with us an experience you had with the client that had a huge impact on you?

I had a client who was 58 years old and a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian, the protein source is less. She followed her diet to the T but struggled with consuming soya. I asked her to go for whey to complete her protein requirements. She followed the workouts, training, and diet properly. She enjoyed going on walks and wouldn’t stop even in the rains. She would wear a raincoat and walk. That was something that moved me a lot.  She enrolled for three more terms and reduced her weight from 97 to 82 kgs.

A multitude of people these days are in need of a proper nutritionist in life but often believe it to be too expensive and thereby abstain. What would be your message to them?

In my opinion, ‘Health is the best investment.’ Investing in a proper diet will be beneficial in the long run. One might have not seen the bills that people have to pay for surgeries, hospital expenses, doctor’s bills. If one compares those expenses, investing in health is much cheaper. Eating smart, strength training, moving, and being active will add to the benefits.

Obesity has been a recurring issue found mostly among teenagers for the last 2 years due to the pandemic. What would be your suggestion on this and some of the ways to curb it?

I believe it is common not just in teenagers, but everyone. And of course, during the lockdown, we all experimented in the kitchen, so this was bound to happen. As for the teenagers, they lost a precious time where they could have interacted more, moved about more but couldn’t. I suggest working out regularly, being active, participating in sports of your choice, and having optimum proteins throughout the day.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I see myself doing much better and growing as a nutritionist. Being a freelancer, I have had many clients in the past 2 years, so in the next 5 years, I see myself tying up with more companies and expanding my reach.

Quick 5

  1. Your mantra in life – Love yourself, no one does it for you.

2. Fitness to you is – Life.

3. The importance of diet to you – Equivalent to prayer.

4. One person you look up to the most – My mom.

5. One thing without which you can’t spend a day – My laptop.

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