Meghana Kamisetty

Birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones, all come with the responsibility of finding the appropriate gift! Thoughtful gifts can strengthen relationships and make even the smallest occasion memorable. But how do you choose from a plethora of suggestions on the internet? The process can be tricky but to make your decision easier, Storiyaan is here with the journey of someone you might want to know about. 

A civil engineer by profession, Meghana’s love for handcrafted items urged her to start “Bhahumathis” an online gifting store while managing to balance professional life and passion perfectly. You say, they make! They stand by the motto “The manner of gifting is worth more than the gift” and make sure that every gift brings a smile to the receiver’s face. From personalized wooden frames and baskets to jungle-themed gifts, Bhahumathis has you covered! Now, finding the right gift has never been easier!

In the candid interview with Storiyaan, Meghana Kamisetty shares her journey as an entrepreneur and what gifting options her store offers for you all!

Meghana Kamisetty


Questions and answers

What are some of the ideals that your brand Bhahumathis stands for?

Our basic pre-requisite are gifts that are eco-friendly, subtle, pleasant, and something which everybody can afford. At the same time, we want them to be aesthetically appealing. The supreme idea that Bhahumathis stands for is that “The manner of gifting is worth more than the gift”. At Bhahumathis we get into close contact with every customer and carefully pick up or make them choose from some of our best collections where we put our core into every detail and value every bit of our customer’s order as we are well aware of the gratitude and pleasure which goes into gifting a person.

What are some of the perks of being associated with and owning your own return gifts business?

Being associated with Bhahumathis is an absolute pleasure, I have come to know what people value more, and there are many lessons that I will keep with me forever. There are many things I’ve learned and unlearned all this way. Perks of owning my own return gifts business are that I could influence people; at least a handful of them to opt for handmade and eco-friendly items. Bhahumathis never failed to make their special ones happy.

 I am glad that I am running a business that gifts people and is a gift for the globe too.

When did you first realize your knack for handmade and how did it kickstart?

Well I think, I’ve always enjoyed watching my mom decorate and organize our house. Her love for handicrafts and eco-friendly décor was passed on to me as well. I always felt Handicrafts made our homes more human. Growing up I’ve always been inclined toward the idea of starting my own business. So my immense endearment for handmade matured all these years and has turned into a passion and got manifested in and as Bhahumathis.

Tell us about some of your bestsellers and how do you fix the rates of your items?

They say “Buy less, choose well and make it last” and to do so, Bhahumathis is always the best preference. And a few of our best-sellers like Kora Mat bags and wooden boxes stand as an exact epitome of that. Talking about the prices, as we are still in the budding stage, we use different product pricing based on the making, raw material pricing, quantity, and also the time taken to make the product. We decide all our costs efficiently, keep our prices flexible and mainly let our customers decide.

Every new venture thrives on trial and error. Can you tell us about some of the rookie mistakes that you made in the initial days?

To be honest, there were no trials and errors. Every decision was made with utmost care and interest. But not overlooking the fact that there were some instinctive decisions made, but none of them really were wrong. Absolutely no decision/choice/order taken was regretted. Maybe this is due to the fact that I love what I do and Bhahumathis is for pleasure and satisfaction, and not for rewards. But definitely, Bhahumathi’s is thriving for more, and we are open to experimenting in the areas we are fascinated about.

What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs in your field?

Being an entrepreneur in this particular field made me learn a myriad. Needless to say, customers embrace brands that make them feel valued for their unique personalities. And personalization when dealing with multiple people is never a cup of tea. It needs to be passionately taken care of and requires a mammoth of love and creativity. So my advice to budding entrepreneurs like me would be to strive for what we are passionate about and believe in ourselves more.

How did Bhahumathis help you deal with lockdown blues during the pandemic situation?

Bhahumathis took form in 2021. I should say that the second wave and the lockdown didn’t have much effect on our business. But typically there were some seasons/ months where we had a good amount of orders and some periods when we had hardly a handful of them. There are ups and downs in any business and that is completely acceptable. Particularly for Bhahumathis, there was never a minute of stress because as a working woman it always was like an escape for me as I’ve always trusted the process and loved it. It demanded nothing from me and that also is an important factor in the foundation of Bhahumathis.

To purchase some affordable yet amazing handcrafted items for your loved ones, you can visit Bhahumathi’s Instagram store linked to this feature below.