Meha Shah: It started from the sky

It started from the sky : Meha Shah

It started from the sky. Whenever I look at the sky, I am curious to know whether the sky is the only limit or that there’s another world beyond the sky.

As I grow older, I could feel my wings already exist. All I had to do was FLY. And now whenever I look up to the sky, it speaks to me, “Hey Queen Always look up and remember your only limit is YOU.”

I love to make drawings, DIY, Henna designs, and pretty much everything creative. Sometimes in my free time, I like to make fashion illustrations and nature sketches. I also love experimenting with my outfits. I can make a pretty dress out of a basic scarf without any degree. I wanted to study Fashion Designing after my 10th, but I could not give it a shot, and I took up Computer Engineering. After my graduation in 2015, I wanted to leave my town for a while to meet new people and experience new things in life.

So I started to apply for my field job and got selected by a private software company in Vadodara. I shifted in PG there, and this was when I began to put my focus on blogging. I started free shooting for local brands. After a year of sweat and tears, I started getting contracts from photographers and got invitations for blogger’s meet & greet. Nevertheless, I was still financially unstable and my younger sibling being with me during my hard days made them a lot easier for me. I was always constantly criticized for my weight and my imperfections and I began self doubting.

Amidst juggling for work and keeping myself sane, I, fortunately, met the love of my life. After meeting each other for just one time, we both knew we are destined to be with each other. I was sure of him since our first meet itself. We didn’t get a chance actually to meet again because I moved to the US with my family. After two years of long-distance, we got married in February 2020. Everything was very intimate, and only close friends and family were invited to the ceremonies.

Both of us are keen to spend the rest of our lives with each other and are still waiting for our big day. Before we met, I was this dead rose, dreaming of blooming in infinite ways in this beautiful garden of life. I got my rainbow and my sunshine in a human form.

I am who I am today because of my life partner and my family. You will always find me right here, spreading good vibes, creativity, smiles, and kindness through my love for fashion, nature, art, travel, and food. You know what? We all are ‘Storiyaan’ in the end. Just make yours the best one so that it can inspire plenty of others.