Mehnaz Rangwala- Happily Ever After!

Mehnaz Rangwala
Mehnaz Rangwala

Mehnaz Rangwala-Crafted happily, ever after.

Mehnaz Rangwala says, “Though I was studious in my school days, I was very chirpy, lively, and extroverted. When I was little, I always saw my Mom doing art and craft. She taught me to use scissors, cut mount boards, glitter papers, and make greetings. Over the years, making cards for birthdays and anniversaries for my family and friends became a ritual for me.

In 2016, I thought of doing something different for my Mom’s birthday. I saw an Explosion Box tutorial on YouTube. It took me one month to complete that box, and when I finally gifted it to her, she was spellbound as she couldn’t believe that I could make something like this. It was the first time I had made an Explosion Box.

In the 1st year of my college, one of my classmates saw the video of my Mom’s birthday Explosion Box and asked me if I can do the same for his boyfriend’s birthday. I was awestruck as I had never taken any order before. But she persuaded me and was willing to pay me for it.

 I started working, and I got very absorbed in my work. The texture of different kinds of papers, the color, and the feel, everything gave me a distinct sense of calm. I disconnected from the world and connected with my inner self, as I was doing something that I have always loved doing. It was the best feeling as it was the first time I experienced something this magical.

 I completed my first order, and my friend loved it. I earned 600 Rupees, and that was my first pay.

After some time, when I was 17, I decided to go online and make an Instagram account of my gift Shop by the name happy_crafts19.

Gradually, I started getting orders not only from Mumbai but from all over India. I am constantly working on new orders, interacting with lots of people, to know that I am the part of their happiness brings me immense joy. Over time my passion and perfection of crafting grew.  

Some days are very hectic as I have to attend college in the morning, then my internship, and after returning home, I work late at night with a cup of coffee, good music, and my crafts.  

Today I have completed two and a half years and even when I run out of time, a lot of times I feel life is beautiful, and I love every bit of it. 

I am learning to manage my time constraints, and it gets very exhausting at times, but I know one thing is for sure that I will never leave Happy crafts because nothing in the world makes me happier than doing scissors, papers, and glue.”