Mehr Gurnani :A Steadfast Engraver

Mehr Gurnani

A Steadfast Engraver

Freedom was something that held a big place in my heart. Being free, doing my own thing, and flourishing in those gardens of dreams and I always loved it. My head was set on this goal ever since I was a child. I never deterred in the wrong direction and focused on creating a world where I would be my only boss.

I started saving up in my teenage years and took up my first internship at 16. I had a job in the corporate world for a while where I was earning decently, but this was not exactly what I had pictured my life to be as.

When I got married, I had some time to introspect and make some decisions regarding my career. I always fancied jewelry and designing. I recalled all those moments where I would design my jewelry pieces when I was a teenager. It was indeed very personal to me. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything better as a medium, so I took up a jewelry course.

Standing in the spotlight in the field of jewelry making is difficult. The competition is fierce, and one must do something unorthodox to rise. Indian pieces of jewelry are very traditional and have a lot of meaning behind it. I wanted to give it a little twist, a little touch of modernism into those pieces.

Mehrise was the brand that came out of this work. It focuses on the perfect mixing of heritage and modernism. It came to the market about 12 years ago, and we have had a steady progressive journey so far. I make sure that every customer leaves the door of my office, satisfied with the products. I interact with clients on a personal level and design the pieces of jewelry according to their personalities. Every woman needs something exclusive and bold, so I have dedicated myself to providing that.

I have now managed to create a family of customers from Mehrise, and I am glad to have them. I hope to make this brand into a global empire and expand it as far as the eyes can see.

Leaving footprints in the sand and leaving behind a story, a legacy is what I believe in. No life can amount to anything meaningful without ambition. If the thought of being a person who has done something meaningful in life induces you with joy, then why just dream about it?