Most Loved Dishes As Per Swiggy


Can you guess what was the most ordered dish on Swiggy this year? Well, you don’t have to think too much. Here is the list of Most loved dishes as per swiggy.

Pandemic or no pandemic, India’s love for biryani is hard to beat. It continues to be the most-ordered dish on Swiggy for the sixth year in a row, with 115 biryanis ordered per minute.

In fact, the number of biryani orders this year has actually gone up from last year, when 90 biryanis were ordered per minute. 

Biryani is also the most-common first dish order on Swiggy, with over 4.25 lakh new users making their debut on the food delivery app by ordering a chicken biryani.

Aren’t you curious to know what the most ordered dish on Swiggy was?  


1.Most ordered dessert on Swiggy:

The great Gulab Jamun is by far the winner in this category. It was ordered 2.1 million times. 

Next came the beautiful Rasmalai, ordered 1.27 million times on Swiggy. It seems Indians still adore Indian sweets far above ice creams and confectionary

Gulab jamun

2.Most ordered snack on Swiggy:


5 million samosas were eaten on Swiggy in 2021. It beat chicken wings and momos to be the favourite snack all around. Pav Bhaji came second. 


Swiggy noted that snacking patterns changed after 10 pm, going continental with cheese-garlic bread, popcorn and French fries. 

3.Health food stats on Swiggy:


Swiggy started a new service called Health Hub and noted a 200% increase in 2021 over 2020 numbers. Search for ‘healthy food’ was also up. 


Keto food orders increased by 23%, vegan and plant-based food orders soared by a whopping 83%. Bangalore came out as the most health conscious city.  

4.Top ordered veg dishes on Swiggy:


In Mumbai, the humble Dal Khichdi won this battle. Jaipur spiced it up a bit with Dal Fry topping among veg dishes, while Delhi opted for the traditional Dal Makhani. In Bangalore it was the Masala Dosa, which surprises no one.   

5.City-wise top ordered dishes on Swiggy:


Chicken biryani is the most-ordered dish in Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Hyderabad, but Mumbai seems to like its Dal Khichdis twice as much as chicken biryanis.

However, the Indian palate showed a shifting preference for more international snacks for their night binge. Post 10 pm, cheese-garlic bread, popcorn and French fries trumped as the most-ordered food items over any other eatables.


The StatEATstics order analysis is based on millions of orders received by Swiggy for food delivery, grocery on Instamart, pick up and drop service Swiggy Genie and HealthHub between January and December 2021. 


Swiggy’s food delivery is present in 500 cities across India. While many still question the need for instant delivery, Swiggy’s quick grocery delivery service Instamart delivered over 28 million packs of fruits and vegetables alone.


In addition to fresh produce, Instamart fulfilled millions of indulgence orders, including 1.4 million packets of instant noodles, 3.1 million packets of chocolate, 2.3 million tubs of ice creams and 6.1 million packets of chips ordered online. 


In fact, chips were the top item ordered post 10 pm.


Another popular use case of quick delivery was sanitary napkins and diapers – over 70,000 packs of Band-Aid, 55,000 packs of diapers and 3 lakh packs of sanitary napkins were delivered in 15-30 minutes. One lakh masks and over 4 lakh soaps and handwashes were also ordered online.


Chennai turned out to be the most generous city, where a Swiggy delivery partner was tipped ₹6,000 for a single order. 


Not so disproportionate to the amount of convenience its delivery partners have created for Indians during the pandemic


For instance, a Swiggy Genie delivery partner from Bengaluru travelled 42 km to deliver an oxygen flowmeter.


And that’s still not the maximum distance travelled by a Swiggy delivery partner, 55.5 km was the maximum distance travelled by a delivery partner in 2021 to deliver a food package in Bengaluru.


On the other hand, the shortest distance travelled by a delivery partner was 200 meters to fetch a tongue cleaner for the customer from a nearby store.


Swiggy broke the news on Twitter, mentioning the 60 million orders for chicken biryani this year:


  • Mumbai: The story was a bit different in Mumbai. Guess what dish was most liked by the people in the city of dreams? Dal Khichdi won the battle here. The dish sold twice as much as chicken biryani. 


  • Jaipur: Loved Dal Fry the most while Delhi opted for Dal Makhani. 


  • Bangalore: Fell in love with Masala Dosa. 


  • Chennai: Chicken Biryani topped the preference list.


There’s more to the report. Indians leaned towards healthy food. Surprised? 


Well, not only did the search for healthy food double on Swiggy but there was also a 200% increase in orders from health-focused restaurants on Swiggy HealthHub. 


In fact, keto food orders increased by 23% and vegan and plant-based food orders soared by 83%. 


  • Bangalore topped the charts as the most health-conscious city. 
  • Hyderabad and Mumbai followed suit.


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