Mou Bhattacharya: Food for Thoughts

Food for Thoughts

Hi, my name is Mou Bhattacharya and I am a Food Blogger by passion and profession. My writing streak plunged me into the world of advertising as a copywriter, where I polished my skills and gave them a spin of creativity. It was when I hit the milestone of working in the prestigious Delhi Election ad campaign. I hanged the cowl of copywriting, when my father passed away and began clambering the ladder of food entrepreneurship . A small food ordering startup at that time, ignited my love for food. So, I started food blogging to exert my expressions. What started off as a fun joy ride of passion in 2018, later directed itself into something more serious in 2019. I invested my last ounce of attention to my blog and instagram page. I experimented with recipes and scavenged dishes which were bounded by their traditional roots. Even I was plagued by procrastination once, but I severed the ties to that past with the blade of hard work. I honed my photography skills and food composition.

 I was at the brink of falling into the pit of insanity when the lockdown shackled me. But my thirst for experimenting with cuisines kept me in line. I couldn’t order outside food, home. Hence, I had to replicate them with at-home ingredients . I am hell bent on acing my recipe experiments at the first attempt. But it took me 5 rigorous attempts to make a simple Caramel Custard and after a burnt thumb, a burnt caramel and a cracked bowl, I encapsulated it’s delicious taste. I didn’t just emerge as a self-taught home-chef but also nurtured my mind and soul to mental peace. The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, it stung my heart harrowingly. So, I tried reaching out to people on Instagram. I am glad that my one post reached many silent warriors, who shared their sufferings and pains. I’m glad that one of my post reached many silent warriors. I not only want to inspire people with my food experiments but also be one of those influencers you can reach out to, in just one ping.

One needs to love life to the fullest to embrace its challenges & never ever give up.