Muskaan Garg-My musical journey

Muskaan Garg

Muskaan Garg- My musical journey.

I started singing when I was four, and my parents introduced me to music. My mom had put me to the keyboard classes as my parents are very much into music. That didn’t work out, and I quit. I focused on singing and joined my school’s choir and learned guitar. My teachers were very helpful in making my musical journey beautiful. I got into music production and learned a few soft wares through YouTube and built myself before I could dive into music professionally.  

Last year, I was in a rough patch in life, and writing notes on my laptop helped a lot. I revived and took back all the notes to turn the misery into something beautiful and made a song out of it, which was released on the 16th of August named ‘Disguise’ is all yours to listen .The link to it is right here

There are musicians everywhere, and it is quite hard to make a place yourself. People at times misinterpret a singer and a musician. A musician is someone who makes music whereas a singer is someone who sings it. There are music producers, directors, and it is a vast array, a different world altogether.

People who had no clue about me or my work sometimes have come up to give unsolicited, advice which is something I dislike the most. It is pretty tough to deal with such people.

Hopefully, in a year from now, I will be releasing my album, and I will be working on many originals. I have learned the hard way to listen to myself before I listen to anyone else, and that is the only message I want to put forth for the young adults out there. People are going to direct you, judge you and back bitch about you at every stage and it will be almost toxic and challenging to keep sane in the hate culture online, but you got to do what you have got to do even if it makes no sense to people around you!