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The story of ONEarth started when my friends and I decided to work on a business which was impactful and carried a social cause. We did not immediately get this idea, but it came to me gradually over time with a series of experiments I did in the field of sustainability, I have been working in this industry since last 4 years. The waste produced in the beauty industry is tremendous and was very concerning. People would hoard products and hardly use them at all. So I initially decided to work on organic beauty subscription boxes which the recipients would essentially use and would somehow reduce wastage.  

 I wanted to do something about the bigger problem we are facing currently which is Plastic. I had switched to a Bamboo toothbrush 6years back and since then I had made small changes in my personal life through which I could eliminate plastic waste. We decided to start ONEarth in January 2020. ONEarth focuses on reducing plastic by producing bamboo and coconut shell goods. We scouted for various artisans across India who could create these products. In the beginning, we only started with B2B model and we were able to get many international clients. However, in June during the pandemic, we officially started B2C through our official website. We are now getting into the offline retail of our products so that we can make them available at stores nearby.

I am personally very gratified of being able to help these artisans at the time when they were in need of it the most. Even during the current situation, our company was able to provide them with enough resources to sustain. A lot of the women having a minimum wage in the tailoring industry have been provided with a sanctuary in this work environment. Most of the workers come from rural regions, so raising their potential to a global standard is a challenge we are working on.

Rome was not built in a single day, you know. It took a considerable amount of work, dedication, and focus. The same philosophy can be applied to any business in the world. Consistency and perseverance in one’s goal can unlock many different doors of life. All you need to be is, remain confident in your decision and work for the greater good.