National Handloom Day: 5 Places To Visit For Indian Handloom

National Handloom Day: 5 places to visit for handloom products in India

National Handloom Day is celebrated annually on 7th August in honour of the Swadeshi movement. As a part of the freedom struggle, the Swadeshi movement was aimed at empowering indigenous (Swadeshi) products as well as boycotting foreign-made commodities.

Therefore, National Handloom Day is directed towards creating awareness about the indigenous artists and weavers. It also highlights the contribution of the handloom industry to the economic development of India. This sector mainly consists of women; hence its other benefit includes, an increase in women’s socio-economic mobility.

5 Places For Your Handloom Shopping: National Handloom Day

  1. In Assam, the village of Sualkuchi is popular for the finest Muga silk. This kind of fabric is rare to find. Additionally, this natural fibre has a yellowish-golden hue which somewhat makes it comparable to gold!
  2. Another destination to look out for is Madhya Pradesh. The small town known as Maheshwar is home to Maheshwar sarees. This handloom unit has been running since the 18th century. Moreover, its design gets inspiration from the forts of Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Lucknow’s traditional Chikan kurtas are loved by many. The artistic embroidery on various fabrics such as chiffon and organza by white threads beautifully matches the colour of the material. Next time, you visit Agra or Lucknow, you know what to buy!
  4. Karnataka is one of the largest producers of silk in India. The Mysore silk sarees are distinguished for their lightweight and zari work. Your ethnic wardrobe will look incomplete without this elegant piece!
  5. Lastly, the renowned Kashmiri shawls which carry the beauty of Kashmiri handiwork. Their fabric is made up of the fleece of Cashmere goats found in mountainous regions. Wearing them in winter will instantly up your fashion game. Not to mention, they are super warm!

Tell us what is your favourite from our list!

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