5 Min Bit With Neha Gautam

Neha Guatam

“In my opinion, regardless of where a woman comes from, she must be independent enough to live a life that makes her content. Her self sufficiency makes her invincible.”, says Neha Gautam.
Age is indeed just a number, proves Neha. A young 23-year-old, she has established her Marketing Firm called “The Mediassistant” and worked with 13+ brands in just over a year. Going forward with her daunting aim, she started her firm in January 2020 and soon came the pandemic! But with a no-holds-barred approach, Neha quickly adopted herself and soon her business was reaching greater heights.

Today, she is supporting women entrepreneurs with her innovative marketing and focuses on making the best out of her opportunities. Read more about the young entrepreneur in this freewheeling conversation with Storiyaan.

Neha Gautam


Questions and answers

When did you realize the entrepreneurial streak in you, and how has this journey been so far?

I have been part of multiple initiatives related to the chamber of commerce and industry which acted as the foundation for my progress into indigenous farming. I am into cancer genetics by profession, and it initiated my interest in immune-rich food that helps to avoid terminal illness. I have always felt strongly about food and nutrition as it plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle.Since I was in school I knew that I was not cut for a 9-to-5 job. I developed an entrepreneurial streak at a very early stage in my life. My father has been a great inspiration for me throughout my journey and it has been an amazing experience.

Could you elaborate on your experience with the brands you have worked on as a marketing agency?

Farming has been an integral part of my background as my mom, professionally a doctor, has been farming for the last two decades and she has passed that interest onto me. It was because of this passion that we have been able to connect with this massive human resource.I work with women entrepreneurs and they motivate me every day – I feel lucky to be a part of their journeys. The experience has been nothing but enriching.

There must be some glitches in running a business from home. How do you manage to fix it without affecting the work?

Working from home came with its own learning and challenges and we did take time to get used to it. But having an immensely supportive and understanding team made the transformation process hurdle-free.

Can you elaborate on the first project that has been the turning point and established your confidence to make the business grow?

My first client was a Chennai based entrepreneur who owns a beauty & wellness brand. She trusted and had faith in my work which encouraged me to be more confident of my business and creative insight.

“The Mediassistant” has 95% women in the team, which gives women chances to be independent. What would be your advice to the women out there about the importance of being independent and doing something for themselves?

I am a strong advocate for female independence. Financial independence gives one the liberty to make decisions, build their self-confidence and belief. My advice to the women out there would be to start, start somewhere, anywhere, but START.

Often students don’t follow their passion and choose streams as forced by their parents. What would be your message to such parents and students, and the benefits of following their passion?

As someone who struggled with pursuing Science without interest, I want everyone to prioritise their skills and interest. When someone follows something they love, good things always await them!