Neha Naik: A trip to the future


A trip to the future with Neha Naik

I come from a family of healers. The most profound memory of my grandmother that inspired me to take ‘witchcraft’ as my profession was when I was very young. It happened one day that a pregnant lady who was bleeding profusely was brought to my grandmother. Her condition was so severe that even the doctors gave up, it was then my grandmother came to the rescue, as she chanted her spells, I saw the lady recovering, and after a few months, she gave birth to a beautiful baby!

I grew up with my grandmother and often observed her acts being mesmerized. When I asked her how she heals others she asked me to discover it and learn it on my own.  started learning on my own by reading books and doing research on this subject deeply.

Initially, I was very much sceptical about it, as I had doubts about whether I was doing it correctly or not. Tarot reading is a Western concept, and it becomes very difficult to explain to people how it works as often it is misunderstood for astrology and future predictions!

It has been over a year now that I have become a practising witch. I have always seen my customers going out of their bounded ways to appreciate and recommend me.

There are times when people who do not have sufficient knowledge regarding this art misinterpret me. The reason could also be that I always chose to speak the truth, which at times becomes bitter for them. I can say this much that I never say things which won’t manifest into reality in people’s lives, no matter how much money I am offered, unlike many people in my profession.

Currently, I am 18 and pursuing my BA, after which I aspire to be a professor, but this side of my life where I help people to understand themselves better, explore themselves will always be a part of me.

Through my work, I want to break the myths surrounding Witchcraft. I believe it has all being portrayed in wrong and negative ways through books and films. Witchcraft is the art of understanding energies and using them to bring about a change. Humans are the only conscious creatures on this planet who have the power to change their lives, and Witchcraft helps them to do exactly that!