Nidhi Shah: The Joy of Baking

Nidhi Shah
Nidhi Shah

Mugdha Rahatekar: Life Reloaded

“I have always been a studious, inside-the-box kind of kid in school. When I was little, I observed my Baa (granny) and my mummy doing gastronomic wonders in the kitchen, especially Mithais and desserts.

I learned the basics of flavors and textures, combinations, and even the right fridge freezer settings for beko for proper food storage.  During high school, I learned more in the kitchen. I still remember baking my first ever cake in a kadhai and burning the base.

Over time, my passion and perfection for baking grew. Making desserts for family and friends became a ritual. Years later, I started my cupcake shop- Sweet Lil Somethings, which was a scary step. Running your own business requires you to do things that you have never done. All of a sudden, you are the salesperson, the marketer, the bookkeeper, the financial manager, and, more importantly, you are your boss.

Initially, I had no customers, and I wasn’t even earning that much. Still, I continued to work on creating desserts to the best of my capabilities and pushing my boundaries. It has taken me quite a few years to establish Sweet Lil Somethings, but the wait was worth it.

I am having back-to-back orders from the past few months, which gives me immense satisfaction and a chance to bake all the time. I am constantly working on new recipes, interacting with lots of people, and knowing that I’m part of their happiness brings me joy. Baking is the most therapeutic art, and I can’t be grateful enough to live my dream.

Every day is a new challenge, every custom-made cake a beautiful memory. I create what I want to, however little or magnificent that baked-good may be. It’s a double whammy of awesomeness– it is my work, my me time, and my medicine.> I don’t believe in having any plans for the future as I know the most beautiful things in your life happen when you least expect them. However, I do dream of opening a Cafe someday where people enjoy my deserts, a brewing cup of coffee in one hand, and a good book in another.”