Jeweling my way: Nikita Jain


Jeweling my way : Nikita Jain

I could never envisage myself selling curated pieces of jewellery some years before. Yet here I was doing exactly that. I started Jewel Galli in 2019, and I provide handmade ornaments to the people who desire it.

I was originally a fashion graduate who was working for industries like GAP, Nicobar, etc. Everything was smooth as silk. Life being very unpredictable got me into jewellery. The price of the jewellery that my friend wanted was expensive; therefore, I tried to get it at a relatively cheaper rate. This was just how the idea of Jewel Galli struck to me.

Rajasthan is known for its handcrafted items which made it easier for me to work with it and evolve them into something of my taste. The name ‘Jewel Galli’ is given as a tribute to those artisans. Being someone who enjoys challenging oneself, I constantly relish in creating a different image of Jewel Galli in the eyes of people. Premium quality with affordability is something that rarely goes hand in hand. But I try my level best to ensure these two features in my products.

This, of course, was a tough decision to take given that I had a good job. When I finally made up my mind to get into this, my parents supported me throughout. It is because of their support and love that I was able to do what I loved.

Jewellery is something that has no boundaries. Therefore, I want to aboard the train where people have the liberty to wear things; however, they wish it.

Leaving a decent job and getting into something like does arise a lot of questions. Yes, it has just started, and yes I do not earn so much as compared to before but heck yes, I am happier than ever! I am the kind of person that follows what my heart desires, so if you’re out there dealing with this sort of dilemma; let me tell you that it is possible. Don’t let your dreams remain as dreams and make them reality instead of anticipating it and playing it on your head over and over again. There are different paths in life, so don’t forget to live laugh and sparkle along the way.