Nikita Munshi – Penning to publishing

Nikita Munshi
Nikita Munshi

Nikita Munshi - Penning to publishing

“Books have been a close companion to me since the very beginning. I am an avid reader of fiction and autobiographies. I’ve always imagined writing a book, but for one reason or another I never got down to actually making it happen, until now!

Initially I used to pen my thoughts in the form of poems, just to channel my feelings and express myself better. The more I started writing, the more confident and empowered I felt. The best part of it was the absolute creative freedom- right from deciding what I wanted to write about, to the emotions and feelings I wanted to share to how it would make people feel.

Since I was working during the day, the only slot I could use to write was late night. Getting myself to actually sit for those 1-2 hours every day was challenging at first, but slowly I got used it. I got so into the groove that at times I would suddenly think of a poem while exercising or even showering for that matter!

And then, the pandemic hit us, which in a way really helped me to write my book. Not only was I at the best of my creativity, but I mustered up the courage to finally publish my own book. I wrote 350 poems and soon enough all the hard work I put in was ready in manuscript form to be printed and published! The cherry on the cake was the fact that my book was about hope, self-love and bringing out your best self and I felt that this would be very relevant and helpful to people at a trying time, such as the one we were in.

My debut book got published in June 2021! The positive response that the bookstagram community showered on my poetry collection was indeed gratifying. From an amateur writer to a published author, the journey has been riveting and delightful. My book Soft Glimmers & Shining Stars has brought me immense joy and has taught me some invaluable life lessons which will be with me forever.”