Nisha Bhasin- Bringing A Change Through Tarot

Nisha Bhasin

Nisha Bhasin, a Numerologist, and Tarot card reader, believes, “Tarot and Numerology work hand in hand to bring clarity in all spheres of one’s life”. As young children, many of us were (and still are) fond of Uno, “Patte Pe Patta” and Solitaire. Now as we take on adult responsibilities, a great number of people have shifted their focus to Tarot cards to gain insights into what the future holds for them and how they can make their present and impending days better.

Nisha believes in helping as many clients as possible, to come out of difficult situations in life by providing detailed and insightful readings. The journey though did not have an easy start. It was when she decided to market herself and her abilities on various Social Media platforms, she started to instantly connect with numerous people and receive positive feedback from them.

Find Nisha Bhasin talk about her journey as a Tarot reader, how she decided to give this field a shot and how Numerology and the Tarot changed the lives of many-

Nisha Bhasin

Nisha Bhasin- Bringing A Change Through Tarot


Questions and answers

What sparked your interest to begin your profession as a tarot card reader and how were you motivated for this journey?

I myself was following a Tarot Reader for around 10 years. When I used to visit her, I used to feel some kind of attraction towards the cards. I have a strong intuitive power that helped me begin this journey and stay motivated throughout.

How has the digital world helped you to propagate your services for the people who live far away and especially during the times of COVID?

Social media has been a boon to me as it helped me to let people know about myself, what I do and how I can help them. Also, people are aware that reading can be done in an online mode as well so it does not matter where you stay. The pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me as at that time many people were going through challenging situations and also had the time to take the guidance from the cards.

What is your strategy to remain up to date on the latest trends and developments in the industry and how do you customize your sessions accordingly?

Well, there is no such strategy as such. I try my best to remain up to date with the latest trends and give out content to the best of my knowledge so I can help as many as I can. I customize my sessions as per the need of my client as I always keep upscaling my skills to be able to provide what they are looking for and make a positive change.

Often people lack awareness about these services and fear a high fee structure for these sessions. What is your take on this?

I agree there are many people out there who don’t know how a Tarot Reading works but lately many people are becoming aware, thanks to social media platforms. Well, to answer the latter part, an energy exchange is very important for these kinds of services so I have kept a very nominal fee structure so that the clients don’t feel a hole in their pocket while taking a session with me and can share their problems easily.

Could you elaborate on the process of how switching words and numerology helps in the process of manifestation and how it is connected spiritually?

Well, any form of occult science is definitely connected spiritually. Manifestation is a pure intent process of asking the universe what you want specifically and to the point. There are specific Switch Words for manifestation with the help of which a person can easily manifest. Numerology gives you an insight into what your personal attributes are, how your coming years are going to be, what are your lucky days, months, colors, and so on.

What were some of the major roadblocks you faced when you started as a tarot card reader in your initial days?

By the grace of God, there were no major roadblocks as such. The only area where I faced some blockage was how to let people know about who I am and what I do. Eventually, that also took a fine structure, and now there is no kind of obstacle in my journey.

In your opinion, how can Tarot reading help receivers in gaining clarity, and what could be the limits of it?

Tarot reading sessions can help people gain a lot of clarity into what the future holds for them in the coming days and how they can use this information to make things better for them. A reading cannot only predict your future but can also tell you what is happening in your present and what has happened in the past. With an accuracy of 85% of what is claimed, my experiences with clients of this percentage have been higher as well. So, in my opinion, readings can bring a lot of clarity and guidance and there is no limit to it!