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Nitin Prashar
Nitin Prashar

Nitin Prashar—Writing to Publishing Books

When words failed to describe how I felt, music did. No matter what happened in life, good or bad, I always had music to fall back upon. I believe we all fall back upon music for upholding our emotions, don’t we?

Something in me always incited me to create my own music but I could never make an initiative so I was left with the only option of completing my B.Tech. I did work in a company for about 2.5 years but the urge to create my own music left me vacant inside. I didn’t want to live in ” I wish I gave it a chance.” So after that I decided to have a talk with my parents and make them understand my dreams and passion for music which was very difficult because I never had any formal training and they were afraid I would end up having nothing on my platter but I wanted to do it so I went for it.

Leaving my work and stepping into the music industry was like shooting arrows in the dark because I never learnt music. So, I started learning from all the artists and personally I feel that the best way of learning music is by listening to good music.

 I had no musical background but my friends did so they introduced me to the few artists in Chandigarh and then everything started.

I started playing music in 2013 as a bass player in Chandigarh, the first artist I started playing with was Gurnazar and after that I worked with many other famous artists like Diljeet Dosanjh, Honey Singh, Ammy Virk, Hardy Sandhu, Jazz Dhami and many more.

I just leaked a new song last month called “Pehli Dafa.” I composed the song and my friend Shruti wrote the lyrics. Luckily our song is receiving immense love on Spotify and other platforms, I am really happy with the responses even my family is proud now.

I’m constantly working on bringing the best to the table and hopefully with everyone’s love and support I will be able to make it and one thing that I would like to convey to anyone who wants to pursue music as a career is listen to good music and you will learn a lot from it. 

I’m glad I made the decision to step out of that company and get into the music industry because sometimes we have to leave a certain situation to get what we always desired. It is not easy but it is what it is, after all you cannot write with an empty hand.