Nitin Sharma

We all are well versed in the quote “Jal Hi Jeevan Hai“. But how many of us actually ponder over the fact that water is a limited resource and saving it has become a necessity? The water crisis is a global threat and according to the NITI Aayog (2019), 90 percent of India’s population will lack access to safe and sanitary drinking water by 2040. Hence, to contribute towards water conservation, Nitin Sharma innovated a 100% plant-based liquid spray that can clean any vehicle without using a single drop of water! Not only this, it even protects vehicles from swirl marks, calcium deposits, UV rays, and dusting!

The idea of this product popped when he faced a water shortage in his own automobile workshop and cleaning customers’ cars after repair became a task. Now, he and his team have been able to save 20 million liters of water and have been awarded by the Omega Foundation for the same. They have also been awarded as the “Emerging Franchisor of the year 2021” by Franchise and Retail Awards. Well, it is every individual’s responsibility to adopt ways of saving water and we all can learn from Nitin Sharma!

Read further to know about Nitin Sharma’s GoWaterless initiative and what challenges he faced before emerging successful.

Nitin Sharma



Questions and answers

1. You started a project called Go waterless initiative. What was the major reason behind this project and what made you think to work on this?


In 2016 I personally faced a water shortage in my own automobile workshop. During the month of May, there was no water in our borewell as it had been dried. We were not able to clean our customer’s cars after repair. We somehow convinced them to take the pending washing service later on when the monsoon season arrives and it recharges the groundwater level. Some were supportive and understood the genuine situation, but some were arrogant and did not understand, stating “It’s your problem”. Anyway, we somehow passed those days and made me ponder over the problem.

2. How many attempts did it take for you to come up with 100% plant-based liquid spray and what ways did you use to make this liquid spray from plants?


It took more than 600 attempts to formulate a perfect combination. Our formulation is inspired by Ayurveda as we all know Ayurvedic medicine does not harm the human body. Likewise, we wanted to create a natural formulation that will not have any side effects while cleaning. We have not used any chemicals, hence it is a 100% natural and plant-based liquid. It is completely a non-hazardous product.



3. What were some of the initial challenges you faced to give shape to your ideas to something concrete?


My initial challenge was developing the perfect formulation, that can clean the surface without damaging or scratching. With continuous trials and errors for 2 years, I was successful in making a revolutionary product.





4. What was the first feedback of your customers and how did that make you better in future endeavors?


The first word after service from our first customer was “UNBELIEVABLE”! He couldn’t believe that his car was cleaned without using a single drop of water and had 10 times better finish and shine. He also said “Aisa lag raha hai ki car abhi showroom se nikli hai” This boosted our enthusiasm and gave us more confidence to take this further.

5. What was the main mission behind this initiative and how far is that successful in achieving the big dream?

As they say, where there is a will, there is a way. Our prime mission is to conserve 2000 billion liters of water that is wasted on car washes in India. We are aggressively marching towards our goal and to date, we have already saved 20 million liters of water.





6. From serving 16 years in the automobile industry to being an entrepreneur, what was the biggest lesson you have learned?


Being in the automobile industry and experiencing the in and out of it, I can strongly say that the automobile industry is the biggest culprit in polluting the environment; be it air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, or extraction of fossil fuels. This motivated me in realizing my responsibilities towards sustainable living and protecting Mother Earth for a better future for our children.

7. What marketing strategies and policies did you try your hands in to reach out to more customers and make the product available for them?

The inception of our initiative was just before the March 2020 pandemic. We totally focused and marketed on digital platforms. This was the easiest, cost-effective, and most convenient medium to advertise. It was a boon to us and we succeeded in appointing 18 Franchise Partners across India between April – June 2020.



8. What message do you have for our readers that you would like to convey to them?

A strong message that I would like to convey is that “Don’t play with nature”. During the pandemic we have seen the importance of oxygen, it is freely available but the circumstances forced us to pay a heavy price for it. It was just a glimpse and a message from Mother Earth as to what can be the consequences of misusing & exploiting natural resources. More severe can be the misuse of water. Just imagine for a minute what will be your situation if you don’t get a glass of water to quench your thirst. Will you be alive? No!

Quick 5

  1. Entrepreneurship to you is? In my blood.
  2. Your biggest petpeeve– When people say “hame kya farq padta hai”
  3. Your proudest milestone– To date, the proudest milestone is saving 20 Million liters of water.
  4. The person whom you look up to the most– Sir Ratan Tata.
  5. Things you do in leisure– Spend time with my family