Not just another IT guy!


Not just another IT guy!

Kabhi nahi socha tha, that one day my passion will turn into my profession. I was inclined towards art from a very tender age.’ Chahe woh chalk se black board par doodle karna ho, ya phir car glasses par paint karna’ I was always up for it.

Art wasn’t always my top priority, until one of my friends introduced me to the world of pencil micro art. I got so compassionate about it “ki college ke har free lecture mai you would find me hooked to a pencil”.

While I was very uncertain of this exhilarating path that I was onto, attaining the Guinness world record for the longest pencil chain, brought it all together. Becoming a record holder, was on my charts for the longest time. And then I finally came across their micro arts segment for craving the longest pencil chain. Craving a chain from a single pencil, such that all the links were movable was by far the most challenging experience in my journey. The 2 months of hard work I put into that project, changed my life forever.

Little did I know, this art form had so much in store for me, and I would be fortunate enough to receive so much love from art lovers all over the world.

With an IT job on the sideline it gets overwhelming to spend 12- 13 hrs on a daily basis to create all the amazing work for my followers. “Kabhi kabhi lagta hai chaubbis ghante kam pad rahe hai” but it is their constant love and support that fuels me to keep going.

I often think about the initial days, when my only concern was to take this art form to great heights. Now that I have such an amazing set of supporters, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. All the days that I didn’t give up on my passion, and kept going, have started making sense to me.

I wish somewhere the 15-year-old Jeevan who scribbled and doodled on anything and everything possible, would know that this Jeevan in future is going to be super proud of him.

An IT guy by the day but an artist at heart,” and that’s how I want to be remembered as.