Nupur Didwania – From CA to Image Consultancy

Nupur Didwania
nupur didwania

Nupur Didwania - From CA to Consultancy

“Wearing that black cap and walking down the stage as I got addressed as Chartered Accountant Nupur Didwania, was hands down the best moment of my life.

But 5 years into the corporate world, I realized that I wasn’t meant for that race. I’ve always had a calling and connection with the creative field. So, I decided to take a 360° turn. Because, who says a professional can’t have a creative mind? I came across Image Management and thought to give it a shot. Soon, I got my International Certifications done. Post which I started my Academy – Nupur Didwania Personality Management Academy. It was a hard pill to swallow for many but I was affirmative.

I’ve always believed that ‘what is meant for you, will make its way to you.’ Image consultancy was one such calling. So, for the next couple of years, I gave it my all. And on one such day at work, I met a client; her situation was similar to mine. Connecting to her plight, watching her gain confidence and move ahead to pursue a career of her choice, and most importantly the fact that my story acted as a catalyst in her journey, made everything crystal clear for me. Until that day, I worked because I wanted to change the doubts thrown at my choices into applause. In an attempt to transform my life, little did I imagine to impact others as well!

Thereon, be it anyone who is in a fix in regards to their career choice; I always tell the one thing that changed my life: ‘Be it medicine, engineering, accounts or even fashion designing, choose a career that you like, fir Chahe log tumhe darzi kyu na kahe’. Those comments will stop one day, but your work won’t.”