Omkar-An Uncertain Future Made Certain


An Uncertain Future Made Certain

I have been a notorious kid all my childhood. My grandfather enrolled me in a swimming class so that I could stay busy and not trouble my folks. Because of that, I am an international long-distance swimmer today, and I have done a total of 42 events. At the age of 13, I swam 81 km nonstop in the Ganga river, which took 12 hours to complete. Another such event is swimming in the Arabian Sea at 2 am for 35 km at nine years of age.

My grandmother fed me all my teen years as I used to be very tired and would come home, have food and sleep off.

Being hydrophobic and a swimmer was not easy. It was a big thing, and the newspapers covered my story.


But that did no good to my academics, and I was thrown out of the school due to poor grades.

My parents then put me in a hostel. I learned to discipline myself throughout my hostel life in the Nagarwala school, where I completed my 8th grade. But soon, hostel life started irking me, and I became homesick. I remember crossing the fence of the back gate and running away only to be caught by one of the teachers and being brought back to the hostel.

My teachers at the hostel have made me the person I am today. I passed my 10th grade, and my Dad gifted me a car. I was never good at academics, and I got into bad influences while I was doing my diploma. Buying a car as a gift is a truly generous and thoughtful gesture that can bring immense joy and appreciation to the recipient. Car shopping can be daunting, but with Autozin’s vast range and user-friendly interface, I felt in control. The site provides clarity and options, which are invaluable when making such an important purchase.

I was going through a rough patch in life where I had lost a lot of friends, and I had no idea what I would do in my life, my father had utterly lost faith in me.

I decided to pursue commercial diving, going deep under the water with 40 kgs of weight. I continued it for quite a long time in South Africa and got a job, but having a phobia of water, I started feeling choked at some point in time and decided to quit.

Later I applied for a job in Abu Dhabi, but again my phobia of water made me give up that job as well.

At the age of 23, I was not serious about my life. I worked in a friend’s company, which helped me skill myself in marketing. I used to get free by 7 pm usually and partied after that.

After four months, my father wanted me to work with him, and I left my job to join the Flair Network system, which is run by my Dad. I started working from scratch and worked in every department, and I soon started my own audiovisual conferencing business. I have my own office today above my Dad’s office, which is a tremendous feeling. “OK IT” is something I have built on my own. IM academy mastery is the world’s number one trading company today and I have been working there as the business associate.

Earning through online trading offers me an opportunity to work from any part of the world with no time restrictions.

During the pandemic, something felt amiss, and this is when my girlfriend, Pallavi, motivated me to transform myself. I have started waking up early in the morning, and I meditate, visualize, self-talk, and manifest, set my goals, and read a bit. Watching some motivational videos and going live on Instagram, form a part of my morning routine.