Parita and Khushi:The unbreakable bond.


The unbreakable bond

Parita says, “Our friendship started in one of the weirdest ways possible. It was break time, and we were in the first year of Junior College. It was after the first semester when I was sitting with my friends clicking a few pictures when suddenly two girls asked if they could join us in our pictures. We had never really seen them in the class and were a bit flustered by their request, but we couldn’t refuse. One of them was Khushi. We exchanged phone numbers and talked a bit.

We found out that Khushi and I were both One Direction fans. We started hanging out with each other and became a part of the same group, but we weren’t that close. Around the end of that year, we both started losing our friends and were very upset.

One day, Khushi’s mom called me and asked if I would join them to go to Juhu Beach with her family. I accepted, we both talked a lot that day about how we were upset and going through things which brought us closer. That summer, Khushi was hospitalized and had to go through surgery urgently. When her mom called me, I immediately left for the hospital, which was just 15 minutes away from home. I visited her every day, stayed there for hours, even sang for her when she felt anxious and scared before surgery. Ever since then, our bond has only strengthened. After we came back from college in the evening, I’d take a de-route so that we could talk a bit more. We would stand there for an hour and chatter about the shittiest things. We have become each other’s only shopping buddies, photoshoot partners, and I used to be her photographer and cameraman.

Days passed by, and we have now become each other’s solace. Some time ago, when I was preparing for my competitive exams and was freaking out. I had pushed everyone away, but Khushi was just a call away for me to cry my eyes out to her. No matter what happened in the last four years, our friendship never fazed.

I am grateful that I have a best friend like Khushi and her name reflects her personality in the most real sense. She is so much like me and yet is the biggest dummy ever.”