Parzaan Dastur- Actor From ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ to a Producer

Parzaan Dastur

Parzaan Dastur: Actor From 'Kuch Kuch Hota hai' to a Producer

To many Indians, Parzaan Dastur is best remembered as the cute kid in the Dhara advertisement and the silent sikh kid in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. He is known for his roles in movies like Mohabbatein, Zubeida and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

Parzaan Dastur is an actor, a director,a pianist, a producer, a writer along with being the co-founder of Ten colour Productions. He has recently acted in TVF’s video ‘Maa ki Baat’. 

Parzaan Dastur in a conversation with Storiyaan talks about his journey in the entertainment industry.

Parzaan Dastur


Questions and answers

'Tussi Na Jao' has become a part of everyone's slang, and we can't stop ourselves but say it over and over again. How does it feel to own that famous dialogue?

Well, I don’t think that the credit goes to me; it goes to Mr Karan Johar. I am lucky that I was a part of his mission. I was part of something magical, and he gave me this golden opportunity. However small the role was, I was overwhelmed by the response.

From being a child actor and acting in movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to being a producer, content creator and director now. How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been very, very interesting. I am still an actor, and I have always been waiting to come into the front of camera.  After my primary education, I became an assistant director with Karan Johar in Student Of The Year. I also assisted Punit Sir for Gori Tere Pyaar Main. Then I went for writing and direction in Fitoor. After doing that for a year, I thought that now its time for producing. Sometimes I feel that being an actor gives you a little more understanding. Writing gives you more knowledge about the content. We are making the same product, and so we have to know all the related aspects of it.

We have heard that you are a proficient pianist. From where did you develop the interest in playing the piano and what role does music play in your life?

  I was about 6 or 7 when my parents gifted me a small piano. I developed a keen interest in it. Then my mother urged me to join piano classes, so I started classes way back and continued till 10th standard, I learned for an extended period. To talk about music, the role it played in my life was very different and special.

Tell us about a memorable incident that has occurred while shooting for a film?

Yes, I remember having fun on the sets of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I was six, and we were on the sets and discussing. It was enjoyable to work with great actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Johnny Bhai(Johnny Lever). Johnny Bhai had a great sense of humour, he used to crack jokes, and we all used to have a good time shooting. Today looking back, I realize what an honourable experience life has given me.

You are the Co-founder of Ten Colour Productions which won a certificate of excellence from the Dada Sahab Phalke Film Festival for Pocket Mummy. Tell us in detail about Ten Colour Productions, and how did it establish itself?

  So I started three years ago. I was working as an assistant director with Punit Malhotra for Gori Tere Pyaar Main and Fitoor. He was very much interested in web direction, and awesome content and so was I. So we decided that let’s make a short film together. He finalized the script that I had written. We developed a YouTube channel Hamaara Movie and money earned through this was equally distributed among the crew, although it was not much. The success of Pocket Mummy brought a lot of positivity to us. It was a phenomenal experience because of which I got more work for writing and direction.

You recently appeared in TVF's Maa Ki Baat video. How fun was it shooting for TVF and what memories did you take back home?

It was a fun experience. We had a blast shooting it. Even the director was a first timer,  so it was a pleasant experience

Since you are an actor by profession, did you ever have any conflicts or disagreement in terms of the plot or any aspect on the set while shooting for a film?

No, not at all. I am fortunate that by the grace of God, I didn’t have any conflicts during my entire acting career till now. I am lucky that this industry-accepted me and supported me at every step.

You are categorized as very cute, the boy next door in the initial stage of your career. How challenging to you was to essay the role in Sikandar movie?

Sikandar was the first step for me to understand what subtle acting was all about. It is called art acting; it is over the top and requires a bit more of expressions and emotions. It was very complicated but nearly opened my eyes. I did many workshops before the film. We understood what the directed wanted from us on sets. So overall, it was an eye-opening experience.

We are sure all the films that you have acted are close to your heart, but is there any film that holds an exceptional place in your heart? What makes it unique?

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the one which holds a special place in my heart. The reason is of course because it was my very first film and it introduced me to the world of acting.

Everyone goes through hard times in their life. What is your way of dealing and not losing your calm when things go wrong?

I get destress by playing my piano. It helped me bring back my sense of calm, and it helped me believe that everything would be better, I will come out of it. Moreover, I also did some long breathing exercises, and I indulge in some physical activity which also helps me to calm down.

What is the most nostalgic moment that you have experienced as an actor?

Yes, I clearly remember that while I was shooting for the sequel of Dhaara ad, at that time I got very nostalgic and it made me feel special.

What are the projects in the pipeline that you will be working on and do you have any plans of returning to the big screen again?

Now we have some fantastic music videos with two very popular singers. The video will be coming out soon. Another we have is again a music video with an artist which is very interesting. It  is full of VFX, cringe rap entirely, inspiring,  and is releasing soon.

Advertisements, YouTube, short films or movies. Where do you enjoy working the most and why?

My heart is in movies. I like to be an actor first always, and that would be my priority forever.

Are you anytime planning to venture the Digital platform as it has become a trend for actors to step in web series?

Yes, the production house is writing some exciting plots, coming soon.

Last but not least, what is that one thing that you would like to advise any youngster that plans to enter the entertainment industry?

There is art in everything,  you just need to find out.